Kitchen island with table – how to create a functional dining area

Written by Kremena Ruseva

A kitchen island with table is a stylish, modern, and most importantly, functional solution to the problem of organizing a dining area. When you equip a beautiful and functional kitchen island with a dining area, it is possible to achieve a unique layout that is as convenient as possible not only for work, but also for entertaining.

Kitchen island with table how to create a functional dining area

The traditional layout of the house usually includes a separate dining room, which is often used only for large family celebrations. For everyday meals, designers prefer to equip compact areas in the immediate vicinity of the kitchen or inside it which saves space and increases functionality.

Kitchen island with table – ideas for more convenience and comfort

Kitchen island dining table modern home interior designs

A modern kitchen is a multi-functional area where all the members of the family should feel comfortable. The island today is increasingly used as a universal furniture piece that meets the most diverse needs of the family. Practical, roomy and simply irreplaceable, it will look great in combination with correctly selected furniture, interesting lamps and decor that will turn the workspace into a dining area.

The dining area in the kitchen plays an important role in the life of any family. Gatherings with family with friends help a person relieve stress and find harmony. Therefore, it is important that the place for eating is convenient and comfortable and clearly delimited from the food preparation area. Yes, a kitchen island with seating is a hugely popular option in modern kitchen design but when you combine food prep area with dining area the kitchen becomes the entertaining center and a place for communication.

contemporary kitchen design with large island with dining table

A kitchen island with table can be a great solution in both large and small areas. A multi-functional island may be the most effective step towards solving the problems associated with limited space. Even if you have a separate dining room that you use for celebrations when you have a large number of visitors, an island and table combo is a great solution for the everyday life of the family. In terms of design, depending on the shape, kitchen islands with a dining area can be:

  • direct – in this case, the dining table is a continuation of the island. This design is too long, so it is suitable for rooms of extended shape;
  • angled – the table joins the island at an angle of 90 degrees. This option is ideal for square kitchens;
  • T-shaped – the dining table is perpendicular to the island.

How to choose an island with dining table for the kitchen?

amazing kitchen islands with dining space

The island is represented by a multi-functional kitchen table with floor cabinets and located at a certain distance from the rest of the headset, provided with a direct, angular or U-shaped, which makes it as convenient as possible. This worktop is supplemented with places for easy storage. The dining table is the central element of the interior of the kitchen, so it should be easy to use and well complementing the appearance of the whole style of kitchen decoration.

When choosing a kitchen island with table you need to pay special attention to the size, material, shape, etc. The dimensions of the dining area largely depend on the number of people for whom it is designed, the area of the kitchen and its layout. In addition to that, people should have sufficient space for sitting as well as walking around the table. However, you need to keep in mind that the minimum width required for a place setting is 24 inches (61cm) and the minimum depth is determined by the size of a plate with cutlery and a glass, which may vary between 15 inches (38 cm) and 18 inches (46 cm). You also need a shared area where you place common items and it can be as small as 5 inches (13 cm) to 9 inches (23 cm).

multi functional furniture ideas kitchen island with table extension

Another important factor not only for the appearance but for the functionality of your kitchen island with dining table, is the material of the countertop. To make sure that your island will last for a long time, it is better to choose a countertop made from reliable, heat and moisture resistant materials that are not prone to staining and mechanical damage. After all, a food table must withstand not only the weight of the dishes, but also dishes with hot food, exposure to moisture, etc.

A kitchen island with a dining table often performs additional functions and the surface can be divided as per the functions. It could be a work surface designed for food preparation and cooking, it could be a sink or a storage system under the countertop, etc.

Look at the inspirational photos in the gallery below and these amazing interior designs where a kitchen island with table is not only a functional zone but a focal point in the room!



stylish modern kitchen island with table extension

multi functional kitchen island ideas round dining table extension

modern kitchen island ideas cantilevered table and seating

modern kitchen design island with lower dining table

modern kitchen design island with cantilevered table upholstered dining chairs

kitchen island with table is a great solution in both large and small areas

kitchen island with table and seating design ideas

Kitchen island with round dining table extension

kitchen island with dining area and upholstered chairs

Kitchen island and chairs eat in kitchen design ideas

kitchen furniture ideas island with dining extension

island with dinning table multi functional kitchen furniture ideas

Island with cantilevered table and seating modern kitchen design ideas

home design modern kitchen with big island and dining table

functional kitchen island with dining table and seating

contemporary kitchen design long island with dining table designs

contemporary kitchen design island with cantilevered wooden dining table








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