How to Make a Witch’s Broom? Decor & Party Finger Food Ideas

by Kristiyana

Your Halloween witch-themed party should be perfect and of course, the food and decorations play the main roles. Buying brooms and displaying them or hanging them up is probably the easiest idea. But how about this Halloween you tried making some tiny witch’s broom crafts for decorations or to prepare as food?

Whether in the form of additions to your Halloween table centerpiece, as garlands, or snacks, these mini decorations will add the finishing touch to the atmosphere at your party!

How to Make a Witch’s Broom Decoration to Display or Hang Up?

witche's broom craft from raffia or other materials instructions

In principle, you can use a variety of materials to make cute brooms for Halloween decorations, so our instructions are just examples. Either way, the finished mini brooms are suitable for setting up or lying down individually or in groups, but also for making cool Halloween garlands from the witches’ brooms. They can also be hung vertically – from the chandelier or in front of the window as a curtain.

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How to Make Brooms As a Decoration with Raffia?

witch broom craft as decoration from raffia and sticks

You can make these cute models yourself by using natural materials. The instructions are so simple that you can create the witch’s brooms together with children! Here’s how:

What you’ll need:

  • Raffia
  • Sticks
  • Decorative ribbons
instructions for crafting witch brooms with natural materials

Make a witch’s broom using just 3 materials – Instructions:

  1. Take about 10 strips of raffia and wrap them around your hand several times.
  2. Pull the raffia down by hand and add a stick to it.
  3. Now use another strand of raffia to tie the raffia around the stick. Make sure that the bottom part of the raffia is shorter than the top.
  4. Once everything is secure, fold the long part down to cover the bottom one.
  5. Tie a strand around it again so that the raffia doesn’t open up.
  6. Simply cut open the loops and form them at the bottom with scissors, and you will have broom bristles.
  7. You can tie a piece of ribbon around the witch’s broom as a bow.
out of raffia one broom shape and tie it to a stick

Make a Witch’s Broom As a Party Gift or for the School Class

witches broom craft as gifts with lollipops and pencils

These sweet (in the truest sense of the word) brooms are not only wonderful as a gift for your party guests. But if you are a teacher, you can indulge your class in a joyful activity just before Halloween! This witch’s broom craft consist of, among other things, pencils and lollipops. How to make them:

What you’ll need:

  • Pencils
  • Lollipops
  • Paper tape
  • Brown wrapping paper
craft instruction with paper and pencils for gifts at a party

Make sweet mini witch brooms step by step:

  1. Using tape, wrap the lollipop around the bottom of a pencil. The ball should be directly at the end of the pencil.
  2. Cut a strip of wrapping paper. It should be wide enough to hide part of the pencil as well as the lollipop. The longer it is, the bushier the broom will be.
  3. Now cut the length of the paper strip many times on both sides (cut one side deeper than the other).
  4. Fold the paper a few times and then wrap it around the pencil (the long “bristles” facing down).
  5. Wrap tape around the area that wasn’t cut.
gift idea for children for a party or school with homemade broom crafts

Witch’s Broom Craft with Felt for Halloween

You can also make a witch’s broom with felt, by using the same principle as with the wrapping paper. Just cut a strip several times (but now only on one side) and then wrap it around a broom handle, which you can also cut out of felt if you don’t have any sticks. You can also design the bristles differently, as you can see in the example above. For starters, combine with flame shapes like the first model or use zigzag scissors.

witch broom craft with felt for a decorative garland for halloween party

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How to Make a Witch’s Broom Craft That Is Edible?

make edible witch broom craft from angel hair and salt sticks

Edible brooms would be a great look for your Halloween party buffet! Want to make some tasty witch’s broom snacks as a decoration? Here are two simple ideas:

Angel Hair Witch’s Broom Craft Idea

Kataifi dough, also known as angel hair, has just the right look to be used for a witch’s broom craft! If you buy this dough ready-made, you only need 2 more ingredients to create the perfect edible decoration for your Halloween party.

What you’ll need:

  • Angel hair pasta, room temperature
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Kitchen scissors


  • Melted butter
  • Cinnamon and sugar
from kataifi dough edible halloween party decoration and snacks prepare

How to make your own edible witch’s brooms:

  1. Line two baking sheets with baking paper.
  2. Take a bundle of the dough and place it in front of you as flat as possible (the threads should point in one direction).
  3. Cut the bundle into a length of 10 cm/3.93 in.
  4. Insert a pretzel stick into the middle of the bundle, with the cut side of the dough facing up.
  5. Take a few strands of dough and wrap them around the broom, about an inch below the base of the broom handle.
  6. Hold the whole thing for a few seconds so that the two dough parts stick together due to the heat.
  7. Now shorten the bottom end of the strands to create a straight broom.
  8. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.
  9. Bake the witches’ brooms at 200 °C/392 ºF for about 20 minutes until they turn golden brown.
cute finger food make it yourself from kataifi dough and pretzel sticks

Depending on whether you want to eat them savory or sweet, you can also prepare a delicious dip, or you can first brush the witches’ brooms with the melted butter and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over them.

make witch broom craft to eat with sweet licorice and thick salt sticks

You think the idea is cool, but you don’t feel like baking? Then just use edible string and licorice instead of the dough!

How to Make Edible Chocolate Brooms?

make witch's broom edible chocolate salt sticks and peanut butter

It couldn’t be easier than to prepare pretzel sticks with chocolate! Simply melt any chocolate in a water bath and pour it into molds. While the chocolate is still soft, insert pretzel sticks into it. Alternatively, you can let the chocolate set first and then secure the pretzel sticks with caramel or peanut butter.

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