Minimalist Wedding Ideas: Is “Less Is More” Possible and How to Do It?

by Kremy

Minimalist wedding ideas are based on elegance and good taste. It is true that when it comes to planning the wedding of their dreams, minimalism is not the first choice of newlyweds. Many young women spend years in thinking of every little detail, amazing decorations, the perfect wedding dress and the idea of abandoning cascades of beautiful flowers, a princess gown and a fabulous reception seems absurd.

Minimalist wedding ideas how to organize the big day

However, a minimalist wedding does not at all mean lack of decor, flowers or elegant venue decorations. Do not forget that the main concept of this style is the absence of unnecessary details. In this article, we will tell you how to organize a minimalist wedding, and most importantly, to make your celebration unforgettable!

minimalist wedding venue decoration bride and groom attire ideas


Minimalism is one of the main wedding trends for several seasons. This is not surprising, because for a minimalist wedding, you will have to spend money on fewer details. And at the same time, everything that surrounds you on this happy day should be selected with a special taste. Simplicity, sophistication and elegance, a lot of light and air – this is what minimalism is all about!

Minimalist Wedding Ideas – Where to Start From?

Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas Venue decor tips

The first thing to do when choosing a decor for a minimalist wedding is to understand the basic principles and philosophy of this style. There are quite many popular misconceptions and myths about minimalism and one needs to avoid the common mistakes. Clear lines, strict proportions, perfect shapes and minimal colors are the basis of minimalism. However, it allows softer lines and delicate pastel shades. A wedding in nature and an elegant reception in a restaurant can be minimalistic, the main thing is to carefully select the decorative elements that will complement the overall concept and will be in harmony with each other.

First of all, think of your appearance, attire, the accents of your wedding. Minimalism can be combined with elements from other styles, from industrial to rustic and glamorous. You need to decide which of these is closer to you, and choose up to three colors for your wedding decorations.

minimalist wedding ideas simple elegant decor

The color palette is very important in minimalism. White is the main color of the style, often combined with gray. Modern decors also include rustic elements like woody shades, burlap, greenery, etc. Minimalism does not exclude bright colors; they are used as accents against white, beige, milky, ivory, etc. background.

Fans of the classics can limit themselves to two colors – black and white, or add a little olive or gray to the light base. And if these combinations seem too boring to you, add a drop of color: blue, burgundy, pink or gold – bright details will help to effectively set off a neutral palette.

Minimalist Wedding Venue Ideas

how to organize a minimalist style wedding

Choosing a proper venue is one of the most important tasks. Minimalism is a style determined by practicality and maximum functionality. The main requirements for a venue are functional space, natural light and the absence of pretentious decorations.

Pay attention to venues (restaurants or reception halls) with minimal decor – high ceilings, panoramic windows, light-colored walls, open and light space.

Use natural light wherever possible. Celebrate your wedding outdoors or in a room with large windows through which gentle rays of the sun will flow; this will fill your wedding with unique lightness and airiness.

Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Minimalist style wedding invitations are characterized with elegant simplicity, impeccable sense of style, discreet, laconic design and high quality materials. You can send them in white envelopes made of Italian paper or in a transparent wrapper, which will additionally give them lightness and emphasize the style of minimalism. Invitations can be decorated with wax seals, hand-painted silk ribbons and twine strings.

Minimalist Wedding Decorating Ideas

wedding table decorating ideas in white

Minimalist wedding decorating ideas feature neutral color shades, elements with clear geometry, textiles are replaced by natural materials such as wood, glass, ceramic or metal. Do not use voluminous compositions, artificial flowers or large art objects. Elements like greenery, candles and stylish accessories are perfect for decoration. No furniture covers: wooden, metal or transparent plastic chairs will also play a role of exquisite detail. Do not use colorful balloons, garlands, pompoms, etc. All of these options are not suitable for minimalism.

minimalist wedding table decorating ideas

As for floristry, think about succulents, green twigs, compositions of different types of flowers of the same shade, or small contrasting bouquets that accentuate the theme of the wedding. A few twigs in a flask or vase will only emphasize the authentic minimalist decoration of your wedding.

For decorating the tables, it is better to use simple dishes, snow-white tablecloths and plain textiles. The main thing is that the table setting should be in the same style, taking into account the theme of the wedding. Candles and small flower arrangements can serve as decoration.

How to Choose the Menu and Cake?

stylish elegant minimalist style wedding cakes

For a festive dinner, the most simple, but delicious dishes are suitable: steaks, seafood, vegetables, pasta. Particular attention should be paid to the presentation: it must be refined and sophisticated.

When you choose a cake for minimalist wedding, it should be in harmony with the concept, so avoid lavish decorations. A cake with simple geometric tiers with minimal decor is a great choice.

Bride and Groom Attire Ideas

bride and groom attire for minimalist wedding

When it comes to choosing your attire, it is best if you select a wedding dress and suit with clean lines and a structured silhouette. The image of the bride should embody tenderness and beauty. Minimalism does just that, but it also adds some restraint and unrivaled elegance.

A minimalist style wedding dress should emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. The cut of the dress can have different variations, but it is best if you select a floor-length gown. Avoid fluffy dresses and lots of jewelry. Minimalism does not accept pomp, rhinestones and other decorative elements. It means either a complete absence of jewelry, or elegant accessories that will not draw all the attention to themselves and emphasize the clarity of lines.

minimalist wedding dresses ideas modern brides

The groom’s suit should be strict and elegant: a black tuxedo would be ideal. If the celebration is planned in an open area, then it is better to choose natural colors like brown, gray or burgundy.

As far as guests’ dress code is concerned, multicolored dresses, floral prints or informal clothing can ruin the overall concept, so the dress code should be strict: plain dresses for women and classic suits for men in one color palette.

Simple Hairstyle

chic wedding hairstyle ideas for a minimalist wedding

Light careless curls, a simple bun or a slightly disheveled braid, and even an ordinary smooth tail are a good choice for minimalist wedding hairstyles. Massive updos, intricate weaves, tiaras and hairpins with beads are not acceptable. If your choice is loose hair, you can try on a wreath of fresh flowers.

Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup ideas minimalist style

With an elegant dress and modestly styled hair, natural makeup will emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. For this, shades of beige, rose or peach are suitable. Forget about heavy smokey eyes, arrows, bright eyeshadows and blush.

The Bride’s Bouquet

white calla lilies minimalist style bridal bouquet

The choice of bouquet for a minimalist style wedding is huge: one flower, a flower arrangement, generously decorated with leaves, or flowers of the same type.

Wedding Venue decoration minimalist style ideas

As you will notice in the photos, minimalist wedding ideas are characterized with the lack of luxury. There are no unnecessary elements in the decor. Everything is in minimal quantity, but of best quality. A minimalist wedding will allow the bride and groom to enjoy every detail of this important day to the fullest. Provided that you follow the concept and idea of minimalism, then your wedding day is definitely going to be a success!


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