Polka dot craft projects –creative and original ideas for kids and adults

by Kremy

Polka dot craft projects creative and original ideas for kids

We selected some incredibly cute polka dot craft projects which you can use as inspiration for a creative DIY weekend. Simple and unpretentious, polka dot pattern is a favorite of many people and often used in interior design and decoration. When looking at it, people cannot remain indifferent and can’t help a smile. It is cheering, vivid and never boring!

DIY polka dot bunny gift bags easter craft ideas


Polka dots is a classic print that has long been considered typical for rustic interiors but for the past decade we have seen the cheerful dots in children’s rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. The simplicity of form and the combination of various colors makes this ornament acceptable in the most fashionable modern interior.

Polka dot craft projects and creative DIY ideas

polka dot plates craft ideas and holiday activities

Polka dots are characteristic for retro-style, contemporary, rustic and pop art. You can see patterns of any size, any textures and colors. The pattern can be seen as wall decoration, textile, bedding sets and, of course, in a variety of decorative elements and home accessories. Polka dot craft projects are adorable and charming and the good news is that nowadays you can find the print on different materials. With a little bit of imagination and creativity you can use washi tape, textile, paper, paint, etc. for different projects and make anything – from a decorative pillow to seasonal decoration.

DIY Polka dot photo frame – kids craft ideas

DIY photo frames ideas

Turning a boring photo frame into a bright and original one is an easy craft for kids. Just follow these simple steps!


Photo frame

Paper with polka dot print

White acrylic paint



Decoupage glue


Prime the surface of the frame with white acrylic paint.

Cut the paper into strips 4–5 cm wide.

Use the decoupage glue and fix the paper strips around the entire perimeter of the frame.

Decorate the frame with ribbons, flowers, beads, pearls or anything else.

The photo frame is ready!

DIY Polka dot envelopes

DIY polka dot envelopes creative paper crafts for kids

This is a great project for pre-school children as it does not require any special skills.



Round sponge brush

Acrylic paint in different colors


Dab the sponge brush in acrylic paint and use it to create a polka dot pattern on one side of the envelope.

Let it dry completely.

Flip the envelope over and polka dot the back.

You can use the same technique to make original dotty gift tags, place cards, etc.

Polka dot Easter craft ideas

polka dot easter decoration craft ideas for children

Polka dot Easter craft ideas are a great way to add vivid and bright colors to your festive decorations. Your children will love to take part in crafting cute egg baskets or gift bags and even decorate some eggs!

How to make cute polka dot party favor cups

easter crafts for kids egg basket ideas


5 styrofoam cups

White duct tape

Easter grass

Craft paint in different colors

Round sponge brush


Paint the rim of each cup in different colors of paint.

Use the sponge brush to add polka dots to the outside of the cups.

Let the paint dry completely before attaching the handles.

For the handles, cut strips of duct tape. Glue two strips together and use some more tape to attach the handles to the inside of the cups. Optionally you can secure the handles with a stapler.

Fill the cups with Easter grass, eggs and sweet treats.

How to make a polka dot strawberry pin cushion

strawberry pincushion easy and original craft ideas


6 squares of red and white polka dot pattern fabric

Small piece of green felt





how to make a strawberry pin cushion tutorial


Draw a circle on a piece of paper to use as a pattern.

Cut it out and pin it to your fabric and cut a circle.

Cut the fabric circle in half.

Take one half of the circle and fold it in half, right sides together to shape a triangle with a rounded top.

Sew along the straight side of the fabric.

Flip the fabric right side out and sew the top with a gathering stitch leaving a hole on top to add the stuffing.

Fill the strawberry with stuffing (cotton, wool) and then pull the gathering stitch shut.

Cut out the leaves from the green felt and sew them on top of the strawberry.

You can use the same technique to craft a beautiful strawberry door stopper.

DIY polka dot string lights

how to make ping pong string lights


A string of fairy lights

Ping pong balls

A sharp knife

Sharpie paint pens


DIY ping pong string lights tutorial


Take each ping pong ball and cut an X with the knife. Optionally, you can drill a small hole in each ball.

Stick a skewer or a pencil into the hole you made.

Paint polka dots using the paint pens.

Stick the skewers in a bowl full of salt or sugar until the paint is dry.

Pop a painted ball onto each light.

mason jar craft ideas mickey and minnie

As you see there are numerous polka dot craft projects and all you need is some ideas. You can make a fantastic scrapbook as a gift for your little princess or as a Mother’s day handmade gift. There is no limit to fantasy – from coasters to Mickey and Minnie mouse mason jars to DIY to polka dot sneakers and elegant coasters or fun dishes – all you need is a couple of hours and some inspiration!



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