4 Mouth-Watering Rice Bowl Recipes That Everyone Should Try! – Quick, Easy and Budget-Friendly!

by Stephanie Yankova

Rice bowls are ideal for those evenings when you feel too tired to cook, yet you want a quick and delicious meal. Instead of going for carb-packed comfort food, you can spend only 30 minutes preparing a nutritious dish with protein, fresh veggies, and any rice you have at hand that’s guaranteed to hit the spot free of guilt! Regardless of whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or neither, you can adjust this meal to suit anyone’s preference! Cooking doesn’t need to be a tiresome and tedious task, which is why I want to share with you some of my favorite rice bowl recipes. They’re so simple to make, and just as delicious and pleasing to look at! 

Simple Insta-Worthy Rice Bowl Recipes

thai beef and rice bowl traditional homemade asian cuisine

If you’ve never tried a rice bowl before, I’m about to reinvent your whole concept of healthy cooking! You can use literally ANY type of rice, ANY protein (chicken, beef, salmon, shrimp, beans etc.), and almost any one of your favorite sauces! Chop up some veggies, you can even add avocado, and finish off with sprinkled sesame seed on top! It really doesn’t get any more simple than that! Here are 4 of my absolute favorite rice bowl recipes to prepare that my friends and I simply can’t get enough of!

Asian Style Pulled Pork Rice Bowl

traditional asian dish pulled pork rice bowl quick simple recipe


If you have an instant pot, or an air fryer, this recipe is an absolute delight to prepare! This pineapple and honey-glazed pulled pork in combination with some fresh basmati or jasmine rice is a meal I can live off and be absolutely content with! My personal favorite thing about this recipe – it’s ONLY 420 kcal. While I’m no advocate for counting calories, it’s good to know that I can indulge in this delicious meal without being worried about gaining unwanted extra pounds!

Read how to prepare this delicious Asian-style puller pork rice bowl!

Japanese Salmon Rice Bowl

japanese salmon rice bowl spinach easy quick recipe

Another super delish dish that I used to prepare all the time back when I was at uni is this Japanese salmon rice bowl! Dare I say it’s absolutely PHENOMENAL! Words don’t make it justice – it’s really adaptable and cheap to make and has completely changed the way I eat salmon! The secret ingredient? A homemade teriyaki sauce! Don’t get intimidated if you’re a beginner in the kitchen – it’s much easier to make than pronounce! If you have 30 minutes to spare, and you want to please your senses with a mouth-watering dish – this Japanese salmon rice bowl is all you need!

Honey-Sesame Marinade Tofu Rice Bowl

tofu jasmine rice bowl simple quick recipe

Delicious, nutritious, AND plant-based? This honey and sesame marinade tofu rice bowl really has it all! I know that a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with tofu, however, the marinade used in this recipe will change your mind for the better – I guarantee! I’m usually pretty satisfied with eating it as it is, but if you want you can add some steamed broccoli and avocado for a more fresh taste!

Japanese Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl

spicy tuna rice bowl recipe two servings simple asian dish

Now, I don’t like to pick favorites, but this one right here holds a special place in my heart! I’m a huge tuna lover – I eat it on toast, in salads, and I would probably have it in a smoothie, too! Let me tell you, when I first tried this Japanese spicy tuna rice bowl my taste buds EXPLODED. And no, it wasn’t from the spice, but from the pure bliss I experienced while eating this meal. If you’re a connoisseur of Asian food you’ve probably seen this dish in Japanese restaurants as “spicy tuna donburi”. But who needs to go to a restaurant when you can make this at home in under 30 minutes for only $3.80 per portion?

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