Shoe trends 2022: how to combine modern lace-up boots with different outfits?

by Kremy

Lace-up boots are a fashionable item that can be worn with any type of outfit. The look is reminiscent of the grunge fashion of the 1990s, but is upgraded to a more sophisticated style with modern materials: lace-up boots never go out of style. They are part of a new shoe trend in women’s fashion. These boots come in a variety of designs and colors, with black being the most popular among women. The soles of these shoes have a thick sole for the winter season. We’ll tell you how to combine modern lace-up boots with different outfits. You will find beautiful pictures of different combinations below!

Women’s fashion fall/winter 2022-2023: combine modern lace-up boots for work

Womens fashion fall winter 2022 2023 combine black lace boots

Lace-up boots are very popular for both casual and formal looks. They have a loyal following as they can be worn to practically any occasion or event. With lace-up boots you can create an elegant look for work.

Wear stylish lace boots and combine modern outfits for autumn


When you go to the office, you can wear lace-up boots with trousers of any color or with a maxi skirt.

Combine black lace-up boots – jeans, trousers and leggings are the best choices

Black lace boots combined with jeans trousers are the best choice

There are occasions when lace-up boots can create a playful look. If you are going to a casual event or have been invited to a party, these boots are an excellent choice. They look great with casual trousers, jeans and leggings. How you wear lace-up boots also depends on what style you like. These shoes are suitable for any occasion as they are not too formal and still allow you to feel stylish.

Styling Tipps for lace boots how to wear them right

If you want a little more variety, you can add jewelry like a bracelet and a necklace. It’s not an easy look, but it can work well in a variety of situations.

Combine black or brown lace-up boots with dresses

combine brown lace boots with dresses

For informal occasions, lace-up boots can be worn with cute dresses to add a little excitement while staying stylish.

wear lace up boots with a dress womens fashion fall 2022

It’s also a good idea to wear lace-up boots with a dress when attending a formal event. However, these boots look more formal with longer dresses. If you are going to such an event, make sure that your lace-up boots fit well and complement your outfit.

Wear lace boots with a maxi dress current trends autumn 2022

You can wear lace-up boots with a casual maxi dress to meet with girlfriends in fall and winter. With a pretty jacket you are prepared for every day of the year.

combine lace up boots with an elegant dress modern outfits

Combine lace-up boots with an elegant dress: this looks great for the evening. Accessorize and spice up your look with earrings or other accessories.

How to Wear White Lace-Up Boots: Wear a jumpsuit

Combine white lace boots wear an overall

Lace-up boots can be worn with almost anything. You can wear them not only with jeans or dresses, but also with jumpsuits. You should just make sure that the boots fit you well and that they are comfortable. This way you can put them on every day with different clothes.

Lace-up boots and skirt – cool outfits for this season

Lace up boots and-skirts cool outfits for this season

Wearing lace-up boots with a skirt is also a great idea! Choose something flowy and romantic that will show off your legs and complete your look beautifully. You can complement the skirt with other accessories.

boots and skirts hip fashion trends 2022 2023

Wear a sweater or blouse and skirt combo: the skirt is more casual and can be paired with a more comfortable pair of shoes, such as lace-up boots.

Pink blouse midi skirt and lace boots trendy womens fashion 2022

Keep it cool, fun and fashion conscious. Wear a pink blouse, a matching midi skirt, a light blue handbag and sheer lace-up boots.

Hot fashion trends 2022/2023 – rocker style outfits

Cool Fashion Trends 2022 2023 Rocker Outfits and Boots

If you prefer a slightly edgier look, lace-up boots also look good with rocker style outfits. For an alternative look, you can wear them with ripped jeans or skinny jeans.

Styling tips: these outfit combinations are also trendy

Wear modern lace up boots with a tunic

  • Wear modern lace-up boots with a tunic: they look fashionable and elegant at the same time.

Combine lace up boots and denim shorts

  • Combine lace-up boots with denim shorts: they look great as an alternative to jeans – the outfit is chic and stylish.

How to style these boots with a sweater and a bomber jacket

  • Lace up boots with a cute jacket for the cold season: this is how you can style these boots with a sweater and a bomber jacket and look beautiful and modern every day .

Wear trendy lace boots with biker pants

  • Wear trendy lace-up boots with short biker trousers: This look is ideal for anyone who likes to look attractive and combines the boots with a casual top and a blazer.

Style the cool boots with a simple shirt

  • Style the cool boots with a simple shirt: On days when you plan to go shopping for an afternoon, this look is perfect as you can still look fashionable.

Combine your lace boots with a chic coat for autumn

  • Pair your lace-up boots with a chic coat for fall: you can wear a blue collarless coat over a cream beige sweater and style it with washed blue skinny jeans and camel lace-up boots.

fashion for fall 2022 style a coat with lace up boots

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