Short Almond Nails Designs That Will Make You Run To The Nail Salon

by Stephanie Yankova

Timeless, elegant, and practical – the short almond nails are making a huge comeback in 2023! You’ve probably seen celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Zoë Kravitz and Bella Hadid wear them all the way through 2022, but we are yet to see the revival of the short almond-shaped nails in 2023. Why is this nail shape becoming so popular all of a sudden? Originally popularized by Elizabeth Taylor in the 50s, they made another big comeback in the 90s as the go-to standard for supermodel nails, and now – 30 years later – with the return of many other trends from the 90s, the short almond nails are predicted to be the upcoming craze of 2023. Let’s find out exactly what almond nails are, how to achieve the perfect shape, and take some inspiration from our nail art picks for your next mani appointment!

What Are Short Almond Nails?

almond shape nails milky white minimalist design

Very self-explanatory based on their name, these nails mimic the shape of an almond. Similar to oval nails, they are filed along the sides in order to achieve that slender look of the nail, and the tips are tapered – oval, yet still slightly pointy – resembling an actual almond.

How To Shape The Perfect Short Almond Nails?

Nail shape 101 – the longer the nail, the more support it requires. The beauty of the almond nails is that you don’t need to wear them long because their slim shape makes both your fingers and nails appear much longer. Isn’t that amazing? Your nails are going to be both healthy AND fabulous with the short almond silhouette. Another upside – it’s also a super easy shape to make. Take a look at the video above to learn how to file the perfect almond shape in just a few simple steps!

Short Almond Nails Design Ideas

metallic nails short almond shape 2023 design trend


If you’re anything like me, you probably have at least one Pinterest folder with nail design inspos for each season (or month). Our nails are a form of self-expression – sometimes you want to be chic and classy, other times you want to be colorful and quirky – it’s a chance to reinvent a little part of yourself every month. For all the other chameleons out there who like to go from 0 to 100, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite design ideas for short almond nails, so keep reading and get inspired for the next chapter of your nail story.

Galaxy Nails

galaxy dark almond shape nails simple design

Credits: indigonails

With the ever-growing interest in astrology and outer space, we seem to be looking for all kinds of ways to incorporate the appreciation we have to those topics of interest in our appearance. Our nails are no exception – the galaxy nails are once again making a comeback this season, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more people rocking the dark, sparkly design.

Bejeweled Astrology Nails

bejewelled astrology nails almond shape nail decoration inspo

Credits: imarninails

Are you tired of being asked what your big 3 is? You keep forgetting what house your Sun sign is in, or you really want everyone to know about your Mars in Scorpio? The sky is the limit with this newly emerging astro nails trend, which works just as well for short almond nails, as it does for longer shapes.

Cow Print Short Almond Nails

cow print nails short almond shape design ideas

I’m personally a huge fan of the animal print nails and I refuse to let this design go! Take these cow print nails for example – they’re fun and playful, yet the black and white colors will go with every single one of your outfits. This quirky, yet ubiquitous short almond nails design is a winner in my book!

Double French Short Almond Nails

double french short almond nails minimalist simple design inspo

Credits: aliciatnails

Remember the two-tone French nails that stole the show during Fashion Week? Here’s a more simple, minimalist twist of this trend that’s a great option for those of you who don’t want to commit to a bold, colorful manicure. The Double French manicure is a fun and chic interpretation of this classic nail design that looks fabulous on every nail shape and length!

Quirky Twist of the French Short Almond Nails Design

eyelash french fun colorful almond shape nails design

Credits: aliciatnails

Rules are made to be broken, right? Leave tradition behind and dare to try something entirely new with this decorative reimagining of the French tips.

60s Lava Lamp Nails

lava lamp colorful almond nails design dark skin

These nails are a great way to commemorate one of the greatest inventions of all time – the lava lamp! Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives we all wanted to have that alien-looking staple piece in our home. Who would’ve thought that one day it would become such a great inspiration for a nail art design? These nails are everything my childhood dreams are made of!

French Optical Illusion Nail Design

french optical illusion nails ombre effect almond nails

The first time I saw these nails, I was mesmerized! This stunning ombre optical illusion French nail design is a true piece of art! It’s unique, innovative, and incredibly exciting to look at!

Chic Pearl Design For Short Almond Nails

chic pearl decoration simple nail design almond nails

Pearls are definitely having a moment in 2023, so the obvious next step is to incorporate them into our nails, right? They’re the perfect little piece of accessory that you’ll carry everywhere you go and are bound to instantly elevate even the most bland outfit.

Queen Of Hearts

queen of hearts red short almond nails negative space design ideas

Credits: imarninails

Hearts are not only for Valentine’s Day! Red French tips are one of the biggest stars of 2023 since red continues to be the trendiest of nail colors thanks to the TikTok community! As a token of self-love, reward yourself with a set of matte red nails incorporating the negative space nails trend with a statement heart design!

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