Sleek Low Bun for Long Hair: The Hairstyle That Will Bring You Compliments!

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This season is all about the special occasions like proms, weddings, etc. The though choices we have to make on how to dress or what hairstyle to adapt will come along eventually… That is why I am going to help you stay prepared if you don’t have the time to go to the hairdresser. I will show you how to make a sleek low bun for long hair that will definitely bring you a lot of compliments. This hairstyle is one of the classics that will always be in style! Let’s learn more about it!

Sleek Low Bun for Long Hair: The Hairstyle That Will Bring You Compliments!

sleek low bun for long hair tutorial guide ideas

A beautiful hairstyle can change your entire appearance! That’s why it is very important to choose the right one that will make you stand out! The sleek low bun is very easy to style and you can actually make it on your own at home. There are many versions of it and you can choose the one that will look best on you. It is minimalistic, but it does a great job at highlight your facial features and making you look elegant and feminine. Are you going to your best friend’s wedding or you are the bride? Both cases this hairstyle will give you what you need! Now let’s check out the tutorial on how to style it!

How to Do a Sleek Low Bun for Long Hair?

This tutorial is for a twisted simple low bun that is suitable for every occasion. What are the main steps that you need to follow? Check them out now:

  • First, you have to make sure that your hair is well-prepared for the hairstyle. Wash it well with your favorite shampoo and blow dry it. Don’t forget to use a heat-protecting spray, because heat can really damage your hair. Try to straighten it as much as possible with the blow-dryer. If you don’t manage, you will need to use a hair straightener. The hair should be smooth and even, so you can achieve this elegant look. Another product that I can recommend is that you use a cream that will make your hair softer. It will make it more manageable when you are going to do the sleek bun.
  • Start combing your hair. If you notice some hair freeze, you’ll have to use anti-frizz hair spray.
  • Grab a hair tie and put your hair in a low ponytail, depending on where the bun should be.
  • Watch the tutorial on how exactly to make this twisted sleek low hair bun.
  • Apply hair spray, if you want the hairstyle to stay longer as it is. You can style your bun with different hair accessories if you want to.

Elegant Messy Low Bun: Bride Hairstyles 2023

If you have natural curly hair, you are lucky, since this hairstyle will be easy to achieve. For the girlies with straight hair, you can use your curling iron to make curls, as shown on the video and then continue with the bun. This tutorial will show you a messier version of the low sleek bun, which is very suitable for brides or bridesmaids. Don’t be fooled by the complicated look. It can be actually made within 5 minutes! Just tie your hair in a low tail and twist it on itself to form a kind of bun. The idea is to let out a few small loose strands that you then use to camouflage the elastic. Finally, all you have to do is accessorize. Watch the video to find out more!

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Sleek Low Bun Curly Hair

sleek low bun curly hair tutorial bride hairstyles ideas (1)


Whether you have a straight or curly, short or long mane, the knot cord bun suits all hair types and colors. And while it’s perfect for your everyday looks, it makes a great wedding hairstyle to sport for your BFF’s big day!

  1. It is crucial to remember that the knot bun will last longer on unwashed hair because it is often simpler to style.
  2. Separate your hair into two parts by using a comb.
  3. Brush your hair well and then tie it well with an elastic band or a hair tie.
  4. Wrap the ends of the bun around the base (where the elastic is) and secure them with flat or horn pins.
  5. Make sure you hide well the hair tie and the pins.
  6. You can accessorize by adding pearls, hair scarfs, etc.

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