St Patrick nails 2023: 4 leaf clover and green nails – this is the recipe for good luck!

by Gabby

Now that spring is arriving soon, the days are becoming brighter and brighter! Saint Patrick Day is just around the corner and I know most of you can’t wait to go celebrate! You know that the green color is a total must on this holiday! For us girls, that love to match everything to our nails, why not make a St Patrick nails design this year? Maybe I am not going over the top with some leprechauns decoration, however there are many trendy green nails to try out! I have selected some of the best for you today and let’s check them out!

St Patrick nails 2023: 4 leaf clover and green nails – this is the recipe for good luck!

st patrick nails 2023 design green manicure decoration

I know I said no leprechauns, but a little bit of decorations here and there won’t hurt! Green color will be the star of the show among these nails designs that I’m about to show you. The shade really represents freshness, hope and faith, and it symbolizes renewal. What better way to start off the spring with a brand new trendy manicure that will bring you a lot of compliments? Today, we are going to try combining the spirit of St Patrick’s Day with the nail trends 2023. Let’s see what we can come up with for your next appointment at the salon!

How to do my manicure for St Patrick Day? Try Emerald green nail designs!

emerald green nail designs with gold st patrick day 2023


Do you know that people that are not wearing green on St Patrick’s Day get pinched? It is believed that green makes you invisible to the leprechauns, so if you are not wearing it they can pinch you whenever they want, just to mess with you! Play it safe with a green nails design that will match the spirit of the holiday! Emerald green has become everybody’s obsession when it comes to a trendy manicure. Combining it with cold can make your nails really elegant and sophisticated. The golden shades can also represent “a leprechaun’s pot of gold”! If you need more inspiration, check out the emerald green nail designs in 2023!

Sage green nail designs

sage green nail designs ideas manicure for st patrick day daisy decoration

Now I don’t know about clovers, but daisies are pretty cute! Sage green has become one of the most popular nail polish choices recently. Since it is all about the minimalism these days, sage green can give you this soft elegant vibe while still wearing green, which is considered a bold choice. This shade represents wisdom, experience and intelligence. It will be the perfect choice, if you want something subtle for your manicure on St Patrick’s Day! You can opt for a French manicure and decorate it with clovers or daisies (just as shown on the photo), or you can just ask for this color all over your nails!

Chrome green nails

chrome green nails st patrick manicure ideas 2023

How to combine green, gold and all the colors of the rainbow? Well, this iridescent chrome nails will allow you to achieve this effect! If you want to feel like an ethereal princess, ask your nail artist for chrome green nails! They are for the bold ladies that love to experiment and are not afraid of bright colors The reflective golden shine will bring all the shades that are connected to St Patrick’s Day together. Chrome nails have become a huge hit in 2022 and their popularity will continue to grow! If you haven’t hopped on this trend yet, what are you waiting for?

Olive Green French tips

olive green french tips manicure st patrick nails 2023

You want something delicate, chic and super trendy? Olive green French tips nails are the ideal choice! French manicure will always be in style, that we know for sure! But how to give this “evergreen” manicure (pun intended) a little punch? This two-colored French nail design is exactly what you are looking for! Don’t hesitate to decorate however you prefer! Check out the French manicure 2023 ideas that will spark your imagination!

Lime green nails

lime green nails st patrick day 2023 manicure trends ideas

Lime green will be one of the trendiest colors in this spring 2023! We already saw it a lot on the catwalks during the Fashion week in Paris and New York as well. Say “hello” to the spring with this fresh color on your nails! It will put you in the mood for celebrating St Patrick’s Day in no time! The butterfly decorations will just add that edge and cuteness to the entire manicure design, but it is optional. The shade itself is electrifying and very trendy! If you want to know all the spring fashion color trends 2023, check it out now!

St Patrick nails 2023: Other ideas

green and pink nails for st Patrick day design

Lime green nails with golden decorations

lime green nails with golden decorations

Sage green nails for St Patrick’s Day

sage green nails with decoration for st patrick day

Light emerald green nails

emerald green nail designs simple manicure ideas colors 2023

You don’t want green nails? Try rainbow nails for St Patrick’s Day!

rainbow nails for st Patrick day 2023

All the trendy green shades into one beautiful nail design

lime green and emerald manicure design with decorations

Green swirl nails

swirl green nails ideas st patrick day

Neon green nails

neon green nails spring manicure trends 2023

St Patrick nails decoration

st patrick nails 2023 decoration rainbow clover

Lime green French tips manicure

lime green french tips nails ideas

Matte green nails

st patrick day nails ideas green manicure trends 2023

Lime green nails with nude: Simple manicure ideas

lime green nails st patrick day manicure ideas 2023 electric neon colors

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