Strawberry Blonde Hair – Discover One of the Biggest Hair Trends of Summer 2023 !

by Radost P.

If you were on social media recently, you have probably noticed how popular strawberry blonde hair color is becoming. Many celebrities choose to dye their hair in this shade, since it makes them look absolutely fabulous! Do you know that a strawberry color tone is one of the rarest natural hair colors? Don’t get disappointed, though. Fortunately, with the high-quality hair dyes, almost everyone can get a strawberry blonde hair by using professional hairstylist services. In order to choose the right hue color for you, you may want to take into account things like skin tone and face shape. If you want some ideas, keep on reading because we will give you the best ones.

Strawberry Blonde Hair – Stylish and Lovely Ideas for 2023

strawberry blonde hair light shade of red hair dark hue how to get the right nuance for your hair color base naturally looking hair trendy ideas for this season

Generally, women with a red-colored hair have many advantages compared to brunettes and blondes. A study has found that this color is one of the most attractive ones, so you will definitely leave a good impression in the eyes of your date. What a strawberry blonde shade does is that it enhances your personal style and facial features. As good as this sounds, you should still properly take care of your reddish hair by using high-quality and professional products. For example, experts suggest staying away from anti-dandruff and sulfate-rich shampoos. If you are still wondering which specific shade is good for you, check out our ideas below.

Chic Strawberry Blonde Bob

strawberry blonde hair dark shade of red hair light hue how to get the right nuance hair color base natural look hair trendiest ideas for this year


This is the classic shade when it comes to strawberry blonde color. When you combine it with a stylish bob, your hair will look more voluminous and cool. Also, who doesn’t want to add some dimension? This haircut creates the impression that you are confident in yourself and care-free. It is also easy-to-maintain and comfortable to wear.

Have a Brown Hair? Add Strawberry Blonde Highlights

strawberry blonde hair for young women which is the trendies color at the moment how to look classic and stylish hairstyle trends for 2023

If you have a light brown hair color, you should not give up on your dream to achieve the perfect strawberry blonde shade. Here is an idea for you – ask your hairstylist to add some highlights to your hair. In this way, you also don’t get rid of your natural color completely, so you can easily change your mind. If you need some more ideas, check out rose brown hairstyles for brunettes.

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair with Curls

strawberry blonde hair for people with light brown color classy ladies sophisticated style how to look trendy and chic in 2023 the right outfits

If you happen to have a naturally curly or wavy hair, dark strawberry blonde color will look perfect on you. It creates the impression that you have good manners and hold yourself to high standards. Besides, you have the freedom to choose among different makeup ideas since this shade will match most of them. Whenever you are invited to a special event, be sure that you will shine!

A Mix of Strawberry and Pinkish Shades

strawberry blonde hair dark hue light shade how can i have the same color natural brown hair pink shades highlights

If you want to achieve a brighter tone for your hair, you could also consider adding a pinkish shade. This is a great choice for a woman with thin or fine hair, since the combination of colors creates the impression of a movement and volume.

Fabulous Light Strawberry Blonde Color

strawberry blonde hair light shade of color natural reddish hair redhead benefits of having a red hair how to change my color

Isn’t this look amazing? If you have a long hair, this is probably the perfect match for you. By adding a light strawberry blonde color, your hair will look like it is sun-kissed. So, you do not have to spend time by the beach to get this exact shade. We recommend not experimenting to handle the coloring process by yourself, though.

Option for Medium-Length Hairstyle with Bangs

strawberry blonde hair option for short hairs with bangs medium length hair fringe stylsih look how to look like a celebrity trendy

Here is another option for those of you who have medium-length hairstyles. This is a stylish and trendy shade that emphasize your facial features, thanks to the overall bright look. Check out which bangs suit you, according to your face shape.

Golden Strawberry Color Choice

strawberry blonde hair how to get this shade professional hairstylist high quality hair products anti dandruff shampoo

This is a sensitive and delicate shade that will make all your friends ask how you got this color. What we adore about the golden strawberry blonde hair color is that it is suitable for both official and casual occasions. So, rest assured that you will look your best every day.

Curly and Short Reddish Hair

strawberry blonde hair for ladies with brown hair dark hair how to change my natural shade face shape which bangs are suitable for me

If your style is bold, and you love to express yourself through color, you could go for an edgy option like this one. A curly hair with reddish strawberry blonde shade makes you look assertive and modern.

In conclusion, a strawberry blonde hair is the trend now, and it does not seem to go out of style anytime soon. It makes you look fabulous and attractive. So, why miss out on it? While a naturally reddish hair with this shade is rare, you can still find a professional hairstylist, and they will help you get the desired color. We hope that after checking our ideas, you already got inspired for your next hair salon visit!

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