Super Cute Easter Egg Decorating Ideas that Will Make You Smile

by Kremy

Easter is here and we are looking for beautiful Easter crafts that will give you the opportunity to spend some creative time with your children but also to decorate your home for the holidays! There are many ways and many different techniques to decorate Easter eggs. We offer you some super cute Easter egg decorating ideas! They are fun to make and a great Easter activity for both adults and children and will surely decorate the festive table and cheer you up.

easter egg decorating ideas that will make you smile

Do not forget- Safety first! Remember that eggs painted with acrylic paint should never be consumed. They can only serve as a decoration. Acrylic paints are toxic and cause diarrhea, vomiting and even poisoning. Make sure to explain this to the children!

Super cute Easter egg decorating ideas and fun crafts for kids

original easter egg ideas vegetable eggs


If you are looking for unusual and funny Easter egg decorating ideas you will love these tutorials. Find out eggs, decorated like real food – delicious donuts, ice cream, fruits and vegetables. Look at some super easy last minute ideas that will make everyone smile. Have fun painting and decorating your Easter eggs!

DIY Burger Easter Eggs

Super cute Easter egg decorating ideas Burger Eggs


  • Hard boiled Brown Eggs
  • Non-Toxic Red and Brown Markers
  • White Non-Toxic Paint Marker
  • Yellow Paper
  • Green Streamers or Tissue Paper
  • White School Glue
  • Scissors

DIY Burger Easter Eggs tutorial


Draw a brown stripe around the lower third of the egg. Let dry for about one minute.

Draw a red stripe just above the brown one and let dry again.

While drying, cut three tiny triangles (per egg) out of yellow paper.

Glue the triangles onto the egg, spacing them evenly apart around it.

Cut a strip of your green streamers, long enough to fit around the egg plus some. Run a line of glue around the egg and then glue the strip to the egg, “ruffling” it as you go by folding over and gathering the streamers in some places as you adhere it. Let dry.

Draw white “seeds” on the top half of the egg and let dry.

DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs

super easy diy hotdog easter eggs creative decorating ideas


  • Hard Boiled Brown Eggs
  • Brown felt
  • Red and Yellow Sticky Back Felt
  • Non-Toxic School Glue
  • Scissors

super easy diy hotdog easter eggs step by step


Cut strips from the red and yellow sticky back felt that look like ketchup and mustard.

Cut some hotdog shapes from the brown felt.

Glue the brown felt hotdog piece to the center of your egg with the non-toxic school glue.

Then stick on the ketchup and mustard felt onto the brown hotdog felt piece and your hotdog Easter eggs are ready!

How to Make Ice Cream Cone Easter eggs

How to make Ice cream cone Easter eggs


  • hard boiled brown eggs
  • non-toxic craft paint (ice cream colors, sprinkles colors, and brown)
  • paint brushes
  • black sharpie


Paint the top of the ice cream cone in a color of your choice, creating little rounded scallops where the paint reaches the cone part of the egg.

With a light pink marker, draw “cone” lines on the cone part of the egg.

Use a black sharpie to draw a face, if desired.

Add final touches to the face with small dabs of white paint for the eyes and pink paint for the cute little cheeks.

Super cute Easter egg decorating ideas – DIY Cotton Candy Eggs

Super cute Easter egg decorating ideas cotton candy eggs


  • 8 large eggs, boiled
  • Tacky glue
  • Gold Glitter
  • Pink, Blue and Rose Gold Acrylic Paint
  • 1 medium tip paint brush
  • Cotton Balls

How to make Cotton Candy Eggs


Squeeze the acrylic paints onto a paint palette. Thin each paint color out with a little bit of water so that the paint consistency is runny.

Separate cotton balls in to two pieces by pulling them apart.

Dip the paint brush in the thinned blue or pink paint and brush it onto the separated cotton balls. The cotton ball will absorb the liquid, so a little paint goes a long way.

Sprinkle painted cotton balls with a little gold glitter.

Repeat these steps for all of the cotton balls, painting them in pink and blue. Set aside to dry.

With the gold glue, paint an upside down triangle onto the center of your egg, to create the cone. Paint lines into the center of each “cone” to complete the look. Allow to dry.

Squeeze a dab of glue onto the egg right above the painted cone. Attach one painted cotton ball to the glue to create the cotton candy. Let dry completely.

DIY doughnut Easter eggs

DIY Easter Doughnut Eggs original ideas


  • Hard boiled Easter eggs
  • Paint
  • Small Paint Brushes
  • Colored Permanent Markers

DIY Easter Doughnut Eggs step by step


Paint a round thick ring around the top of your egg to form the doughnut shape.

Once the paint dries, draw little straight lines on the painted doughnut with colored permanent markers, creating “sprinkles”.

DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs

diy pineapple easter eggs fun craft ideas


  • Hard-boiled or Hallowed Out Eggs
  • Yellow Craft Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Green Cardstock
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

diy pineapple easter eggs step by step


Paint all the eggs yellow and let dry completely.

Cut out the pineapple leaves in various sizes:

3″/7,5 cm for the two center leaves

2″/5cm -four or five leaves

1.5″/4cm -six to eight leaves

1″/2,5cm -ten leaves

Starting with the tallest leaves, bend over about a quarter inch on the bottom of each. Place a dot of glue on the underside of the tab you just made and glue to the top of your egg. Repeat with the second leaf, gluing it right on top of the first leaf’s tab.

Move to the 2″/5cm leaves. Fold over a slightly narrower tab on the bottom and repeat the same steps as above to glue around your two center leaves.

Once you get to your final two sizes of leaves, you’ll no longer fold over tabs. Instead, place a dot of glue at the bottom of the back of each leaf and glue it directly to the previous leaves.

Finally, curl the tips of your leaves with your fingernail to give them a pineapple look.

DIY Strawberry Easter eggs

DIY Strawberry Easter eggs


  • Hollowed-out eggs.
  • Acrylic paint – red and gold
  • Thick colored paper
  • Green cotton thread
  • Scissors, glue, a brush


Make two holes at the top and bottom of the egg using a needle and blow on one side to empty it. Rinse the eggs and let them dry completely.

Paint each of the eggs red. To have a nice uniform color, apply two coats of paint.

Once the red paint is dry, paint the seeds of the strawberry using a finer brush. You can also use a small permanent marker.

Cut the leaves out of colored paper and tie a knot with the green cotton thread. Perforate the leaves in the center and insert the thread. Glue the leaves on the top of the egg.

Your strawberry is ready to be hung in the house, or in the garden.

DIY Palm Tree Easter Eggs

DIY Palm Tree Easter Eggs


  • Blown out eggs
  • Milk chocolate acrylic paint
  • Dark chocolate acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Green cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

DIY Palm Tree Easter Eggs easy instructions


Paint the eggs with milk chocolate acrylic paint

Use a detail paint brush to add lines to the painted eggs with the dark chocolate paint.

Cut small leaf shapes from green cardstock.

Gently bend the leaves to mimic the shape of a palm frond.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the leaves, one by one until you have a full palm tree.

DIY Cactus Easter Eggs

DIY Cactus Eggs cute Easter egg decorating ideas


  • Eggs
  • Green egg dye
  • Fine tip black marker
  • Small terracotta pots
  • Decorative gravel
  • Pink or yellow tissue paper and glue (optional)

DIY Cactus Easter Eggs step by step


Dye the eggs with the green dye. Let dry completely

Using a fine tip black marker, draw on thorns. You can draw lines or a line of x’s, or little free form prickly pear thorns.

Pour decorative gravel into small terracotta pots and nestle the eggs in the pots.

How to Make Balloon Easter Eggs

How to Make Balloon Easter Eggs


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Egg dyeing materials
  • Balloons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

How to Make Balloon Easter Eggs step by step


Hard boil and dye your eggs

Blow up some matching balloons.

Cut the bottom of the balloon off, above the knot.

Use a hot glue to attach it to the pointier end of your eggs.

DIY Easy Gumball Machine Eggs

DIY Gumball Machine Eggs cute Easter egg decorating ideas


  • White blown out eggs
  • Mini red plastic cups
  • Colorful dot stickers
  • Silver tape
  • Soda tab
  • Hot glue gun


Cut off the bottom of a mini red plastic cup and glue the piece onto the top of an egg.

Attach colorful dot stickers as gumballs.

Flip the cup upside down and put a strip of silver tape on the front of the cup, wrapping one end over the cut cup edge.

Hot-glue a soda tab over the tap.

Glue the egg inside the cup base.



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