Easter Window Decorating Ideas – Fun DIY Projects and Crafts for Kids

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Preparing for Easter is a magic that captivates even small children. Even if they do not understand the meaning of the holiday, children are happy to participate in decorating the house. Don’t limit the little artists, but let them help you. You probably noticed that most of all children love to create in those places that are visible to everyone – walls, doors, windows. We have prepared fantastic Easter window decorating ideas that will welcome spring into your homes and that you can make with your children.

Easter window decorating ideas fun crafts for kids

Decorative eggs, various figures of birds and bunnies are suitable as decorations. You can also decorate the windows with hanging flower pots and garlands. We have selected a gallery of the cutest, simple and inspiring ideas for decorating windows for the bright holiday of Easter.

How to prepare the windows for Easter decorating?

fun Easter window decoration kids activities


Decorating the windows for Easter is a lot of fun but the first step that we need to do is clean the windows. There are many effective recipes for cleaning windows. Housewives use vinegar, glycerin and linseed oil.

It is better to divide the window cleaning process into two phases. First use warm water and a little dishwashing liquid, so you can remove stubborn dirt that formed during winter season. Next, you need a glass cleaner, after which you need to wipe the glass dry. It is better to use a microfiber cloth, as opposed to paper towels, it will not leave scratches and fine dust on the glass. Once the windows are clean, you are ready to start decorating!

Super easy Easter window decorating ideas with spring flowers

beautiful spring flowers DIY spring and easter window decorating ideas

Fresh flowers are the best Easter décor. There is no decoration more beautiful than fresh flowers. After a long winter they bring a spring mood into the house. They look great in every room. Match them in color to your interior design and other Easter decorations for a smooth, harmonious blend.

spring flowers and Easter decorations on window sill

When decorating your widows for Easter you can get as creative as you want. Look for unusual solutions and use the items you have at home – cups, bowls, glasses and other containers can become wonderful flowerpots. Place bouquets in a jar or vase on the windowsill in the company of traditional Easter bunny or lamb figurines, add some dyed Easter eggs and your window decoration will be ready in a matter of minutes!

Window decorations with traditional Easter symbols

DIY Easter window decoration creative and easy ideas

Easter has its traditional symbols – colored eggs, chickens, lambs, rabbits, pussy willow, daffodils, tulips and so on. Use them to create a spectacular composition for the windows. Traditional Easter decor recommends focusing on two primary colors – yellow and green. Place tulips in a jar that can be tied with a matching ribbon. Make small bouquets of daffodils, or make an Easter wreath with branches and eggs.

Easter window decoration with natural materials

Easter window decorating ideas with spring flowers

Take advantage of what nature has to offer us. Arrange blossoming tree branches, birch or willow twigs in a vase and make a small nest from twigs. Dill the nest with eggs dyed with natural products. Hang a wreath made from branches. Place some moss and quail eggs in the middle of the wreath. If making a wreath is difficult, create a frame from birch twigs. Cut the twigs into equal lengths and use hot glue or thread to glue them to the frame. Place, for example, an Easter egg in the center and hang on the window.

Hanging Easter window decorations

hanging decorations Easter window ideas

Make a garland with your children. Cut a dozen bunnies, Easter eggs or flowers out of colored paper, tape them to a ribbon and hang them on the window. You can even use the plush toys of your kids as Easter décor. Surely you can find a bunny, a lamb or a chicken among your child’s toys. Attach decorative eggs to colorful ribbons and hang them on the window. DIY eggshell vases will look beautiful on the window!

DIY Easter paper craft projects as window decoration

window decorating ideas Easter spring tulips paint

All children love to draw or color. Easter is the perfect time to make some beautiful window pictures with the children. To make a creative and unique Easter window decoration, you need suitable templates with the most popular Easter symbols – Easter bunny, colorful Easter eggs and playful spring motifs are the absolute classics and ensure the right mood for the holiday. Sheets of colored cardboard can be turned into animal faces or plants. A large sheet of white cardboard is a great base for a decorative Easter egg. Cut out the base and let the children decorate it with scraps of colored paper. Then cut out the drawings and glue them on the window.

Easter window decorating ideas – stickers, stencils and window markers

DIY Easter window decorations kids craft ideas

Using window stickers is one of the easiest and fastest ways to decorate the windows for the holidays. The market offers a huge selection of cute bunnies, eggs, butterflies, carrots and other Easter symbols. The window stickers are easily applied and removed.

Easter window stencils DIY window decoration ideas kids crafts

You can find Easter themed stencils and window markers in craft stores. They are a lot of fun and kids can create adorable springtime art and seasonal scenery. Window markers are easy to wipe away once the holiday is over. This activity is a perfect way for kids to take part in home decorating and at the same time allows them to express their creativity.


cute bunny silhouette garland Easter window decoration ideas

cute window decorating ideas Easter themed decor

DIY Easter paper craft projects as window decoration

easter garlands window decorating ideas

easter themed window stickers DIY decor ideas

how to decorate the windows for Easter holiday

how to decorate the windows for easter spring flowers stickers

kids fun activities Easter ideas window decoration

spring decoration flowers window stickers Easter ideas

Super easy Easter window decorating ideas with stickers

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