What Are the Trendy Sundresses for Women Over 60? 5 Suggestions for Elegant Summer Outfits

by Kremy

Summer is in full swing, the holidays are approaching, the waves of the sea are already in our minds, and we are still flipping through the closet to find the right dress? Do we want to hide imperfections and accentuate our beach silhouette with a beautiful, appropriate dress? What are the trendy sundresses for women over 60?

What Are the Trendy Sundresses for Women Over 60 this season?

what are the trendy sundresses for women over 60 maxi dresses for mature women

Every year, we prepare for the moment when we will be carefree on the beach, a cocktail in hand, surrounded by our loved ones and dressed in beautiful gowns! What is the dress that suits us best at 60? Worried about having a belly or thighs that we don’t like? There is an answer for everything! The editorial staff of Deavita has chosen the trendy sundresses for women over 60 as suggestions in which one can feel elegant and comfortable! Maxi dresses, with summer prints, beautiful colors and lots of style! Discover our summer selection!

Trendy Sundresses for Women Over 60 with Summer Elements

what are the trendy sundresses for women over 60


Dresses with summer motifs are always in style! Green color combined with summer decorations is perfect for beach dresses. Maxi dresses are in all the rage this year, combined with summer prints that will cleverly conceal your hips and thighs if you have these concerns. They go wonderfully with leather or suede sandals in warm colors like cream or beige.

Bohemian Chic Look for 60 Year Old Woman with a Belt to Accent the Waistline

trendy sundresses for women over 60 summer 2023 street fashion

Warm bohemian colors are always a good idea when it comes to summer and waves! An elegant long-sleeved dress combined with a belt will accentuate your waistline and curves, making it a great choice for evening walks on the beach. Choose lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton dresses, in white or beige, and match summer colors with accessories. A yellow or orange mesh bag and suede sandals will complete the bohemian look.

Trendy Sundresses for Women Over 60 – Off the Shoulder Dress with Floral Decorations

trendy sundresses for women over 60 summer fashion

As we’ve already said, we’ll bring out all the beautiful curves and hide the parts of our body we don’t want to see after our 60th birthday. Bare shoulders and necks have been a sign of femininity since ancient times, so ladies, let’s go for it! A white off the shoulder dress will highlight your upper body and reveal part of your ankles. Grace, tenderness and aesthetics combined in one dress!

Wrap Dress for Curvy Women to Hide a Belly

trendy sundresses for women over 60 one shoulder elegant dress

Worried about a belly you don’t want to show in the middle of summer? A sundress for a curvy woman is an excellent option. A dress in one color like green, turquoise or blue taking into account the trends for 2023 will shape your silhouette with grace and elegance. The waistband of this type of dress will conceal any imperfections around the belly.

Elegant Striped Sundress for Women Over 60

elegant striped sundress for women over 60

The perfect dress to hide imperfections is here! The striped dress is not only one of the best choices for hiding the belly and buttocks, but it is also flattering to the figure. Always in style without worry, it sets the mood for the beach and is ready to attract all eyes. If you’ve decided to go for a walk or have a cocktail, you can pair it with high-heeled shoes for irresistible legs and silhouette!

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