Upcycling art – Creative ideas for wall decoration from wooden pallets

by Kremy

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There are many creative possibilities with old “unnecessary” objects. Check out these cool ideas for upcycling art, or how to make imaginative wall decoration from wooden pallets. You can express your creativity by crafting a beautiful item for your home from old wood supports. Be inspired by these ideas and follow these simple instructions for an awesome embellishment.

wooden pallets


For the wall decoration from wooden pallets, you need a piece of about 40 × 40 cm in size. You can paint to taste. Cover it up to with a base layer. For a natural look, you can stain the wood in brown, so that the color looks evenly everywhere. Smooth out the edges with sandpaper. If you do not have a pallet, you can also use old pieces of wood.

upcycled dark brown

After the paint has dried, you can begin with the artistic part. Let your imagination free and create a fabulous object. You can write something on it – write a favorite quote, love message or even your own thoughts. But you may also draw flowers, birds, sun or heart – everything that brings you good mood and suit your interior. To draw a picture for a wall decorations from wooden pallets, you can use a ready made template or your own creative abilities. You can use spray or brush. The result is fit for both the interior, as well as for outdoor use in the garden.

upcycled art bird

upcycled vase flower

colorful star

upcycled welcome sign

sun happy

wooden pallets upcycled art birds

DIY love sign

DIY ideas bedroom headboard

upcycled garden deco

see theme

modern photo

upcycled art positive message

upcycled ideas family collage

DIY upcycled art industrial robot

DIY favorite motto



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