Waterfall Bangs VS Curtain Bangs: Which One Is The Ultimate Champion?

by Gabby

Hello to the beautiful ladies, who are here to check out the latest hair trends! Spring is here and we all want that new haircut that will give us a new look. Bangs made a huge comeback last year and they are continuing to be a top pick among the it-girls. We all know that there are timeless bangs such as Brigitte Bardot, wispy, curtain and French. However, in the last few weeks, we see on the horizon the waterfall bangs. Thanks to Anne Hathaway, who put the waterfall fringe on the map, now we have many options to choose from. Today we are going to compare waterfall bangs vs curtain bangs. Let’s see who is going to be the ultimate champion!

Waterfall bangs vs Curtain bangs: Which one is the ultimate champion?

waterfall bangs vs curtain bangs hairstyles ideas and trends 2023

Yay! We finally escaped from the cold, and we can welcome the warm weather. The explosion of the bright spring colors can inspire us for many outfits, nail designs, and haircut as well. We are ready for that change of our entire look, aren’t we? How to welcome spring in style? You need to cut your hair and ask for bangs? Which ones? The two of the most trendy at the moment are the waterfall and curtain bangs. Both of them are really flattering and chic. Today we are going to compare the two and find which ones are the better option for your facial features.

What is the difference between waterfall bangs and curtain bangs?

the difference between waterfall bangs and curtain fringe hairstyle ideas 2023


I am going to talk about the curtain bangs first, because we all know them and how trendy they are! They are not only trendy, but also super versatile and easy to maintain. If you are not ready to take the plunge and commit to a brand-new haircut, curtain bangs will be a great choice to try out something cool! Curtain bangs can be long or short and they have that face-framing effect. If you want them with longer layers, they can elongate your face and make it super elegant and feminine. The side-swept curtain bangs are the classic choice, and a lot of celebrities are currently wearing them proudly.

The waterfall bangs are the current hype on the internet and especially on TikTok. After Anne Hathaway showed up at an event rocking these bangs, everyone were really impressed and wanted to try them out as soon as possible. Many people also compared Anne to her character in The Devil Wears Prada, because of the similarities in the haircut. What are the waterfall bangs? Each hair stroke is with different length and gradually become larger at the ends, which reminds us of a waterfall. If you want more inspiration, check out the waterfall fringe in 2023 and how to wear it!

Pixie bob haircut: waterfall bangs vs curtain bangs

pixie bob haircut with waterfall fringe

Yes, of course, we are starting off strong with a short haircut – Pixie cut! If you are not so sure in the decision to cut your hair really short, you can try this hack! You can get a short Pixie haircut and get long waterfall bangs that will still give the illusion of longer hair in the front. These bangs will gracefully fall at the sides of your face, creating the best frame possible and making your features stand out in the best way possible! These bangs go perfectly with one haircut in particular – the octopus hairstyle! Go ahead and check it out!

Bob haircut with curtain bangs

medium length bob haircut with curtain bangs 2023

If you are not ready for the different lengths that the waterfall fringe is requiring, you can adapt the curtain bangs that are side-swept and perfectly symmetrical. They are the perfect solution for people with round faces and the classic bob hairstyle allows you to adapt them easily!

Waterfall fringe for curly hair

waterfall fringe for curly hair and bob hairstyle ideas 2023


For the curly girlies out there, I know that for some of you, bangs are taboo. Well, let me tell you that you should forget about that in 2023, and try it out! The waterfall bangs are here for curly hair and we are in love! It is certainly super easy to style and to maintain and will give you the trendiest look! Even the runway models are currently adapting it with ease as you can see. All you have to do is keep the texture super wispy and curly to keep the “waterfall” vibe!

Curtain bangs for curly hair

curly curtain bangs ideas 2023

When it comes to curtain bangs for curly hair, they are one of the best options. I think they look a bit better than the waterfall fringe, since it really doesn’t hide any of your features. They can really draw attention to your face in the most subtle way possible. The openness of the fringe will give you “main character” vibes!

Waterfall bangs vs curtain bangs: Other ideas

long hair curtain bangs for blonde with highlights

Curtain bangs for women over 50

curtain bangs for women over 50 hairstyle ideas 2023

Jenna Ortega: Waterfall fringe

jenna ortega waterfall fringe haircut wispy bangs ideas 2023

Classic side-swept curtain bangs for long hair

long curtain bangs ideas side swept hairstyle 2023

Elizabeth Olsen: Waterfall bangs 2023

elizabeth olsen waterfall bangs ideas 2023

Curtain bangs ideas 2023

curtain bangs for women with round face hairstyle ideas 2023


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