What are the best dog names for 2019 – cool name ideas for your puppy

by Kremy

What are the best dog names for 2019

You have a new puppy? Congratulations! After the joy accompanying this extraordinary new acquisition, there comes another very important moment – choosing a name! What are the best dog names for 2019? Names matter, so do not treat the choice lightheartedly. Animals deserve beautiful names. Sometimes, however, the choice of name may be more difficult than one thinks.

Despite the rich variety of names, every pet owner would like his dog to bear the best and most original name of the world. Choosing a pet name is a serious task. Sometimes you are wondering between a few options, sometimes you have no idea and sometimes the name just pops in your mind when you see your puppy.

What are the best dog names for 2019 for male puppies?

the best dog names for 2019 for male puppies


Most dog owners have been thinking about and discussing a name for their future or new dog for quite a long time. And it is not in vain, because the names of our pets tell a lot for us, about our ideas and thoughts, individuality and even behavior. That is why finding a beautiful name for a dog can be a real challenge.

how to choose the best dog name

There are some considerations to keep in mind when you choose the name of your dog but of course, these are not strict rules. You can give complete freedom to your fantasy and name the puppy as you like. If this is a girl, you should come up with a gentle and sweet name. For a boy, you can choose something courageous and presentable. Recently, dogs are increasingly called with human names. If you plan a human name, you can read the interpretation of the names and their meaning. Here are some of the best dog names for 2019 for male puppies.

puppy dog rules for choosing the name

Buddy means friend. It is not a surprise that this name is so popular, since your dog is your best friend, right? He becomes a member of the family and shares all your emotions and daily life.

Oliver is another popular name for male puppies. However, it is advisable to observe your puppy for a few days before naming him Oliver, since this word means “beauty”. The name should match the individuality and personality of your dog. Yes, you may think that you have the most beautiful fog in the world, but remember that once the puppy remembers his name, you must not change it.

Jack enjoys huge popularity as it means God’s grace. Yes, it is a blessing to have a loyal friend for the rest of your life and in addition, this name is suitable for most of the breeds.

how to choose the name of your puppy

Spike is a great name for male puppy. It is easily pronounced and remembered and your puppy will learn it quickly.

Milo means calm and peaceful. This is a beautiful name for dogs that are calm and relaxed, that will not bark and create trouble.

Max – nothing to think about! A great name for the best dog in the whole world!

Here are some more of the best dog names for 2019 for male puppies.














the best dog girl names for 2019

As far as best dog names for 2019 for female puppies, among the most popular choices are:











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