60 Summer Garden Party Decor Ideas to Create a Festive Vibe Outdoors

by Kremy

Summer pleases us with lovely weather, giving us an excellent mood, as well as many reasons to get together with friends. The time has come for outdoor parties, which can be organized both within the city, for example, in a park, and outside it, in the country or in a forest. How to add a touch of summer romance to your usual outdoor meal? How to decorate your garden party table? Look for easy-to-implement summer garden party decor ideas in our article!

60 Summer Garden Party Decor Ideas

For a successful garden party decoration, all you have to do is select a theme or create an atmosphere according to the event. Aperitif with friends, family meals, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers – summertime is great to celebrate any occasion outdoors! As soon as the sun goes down, your garden only needs a little push to turn into a space full of festive mood.

Summer Garden Party Decor Ideas – Bright Colors for Festive Mood!

yellow color theme garden party decor ideas


In addition to choosing a thematic or exclusively summer menu, it will be necessary to somehow decorate the place intended for the party so that its atmosphere turns out to be truly unforgettable and colorful. We will help you decide on the style of the decor by providing some simple, but bright and impressive summer garden party decor ideas.

What could be better than a decoration in bright colors to contrast with the greenery of the garden? The decor of your garden for a party is very important. Why? Because it will set the mood and invite everyone to the party.

garden party ideas 4th july decoration red white blue

Bright colors are great, they make the garden look vibrant and lively, but pay attention to your theme and your event! Multi-colored garlands made of paper or ribbons look festive and very summer-like. You can use them to decorate the space above the table, the backs of the chairs, trees, as well as to highlight a candy bar or buffet table.

If you want a more elegant and chic atmosphere, do not be too colorful. Choose light colors such as white or beige, which you will break up with a few touches of pastel. Gray is exceptionally trendy color and you can mix it with white, mint green and peach. These color combinations also work well for a family party or a garden wedding. Natural colors will highlight the warm atmosphere that we want for a party in the garden.

Garden Party Ideas – Choose a Style for Your Decor

DIY rustic garden party ideas buffet decor

Organizing a garden party is super trendy in spring and summer. And good planning and decoration will be the key to the success. We shall look at a variety of decorative elements below, but let’s mention some of the most popular styles.

Rustic Style

rustic decorations garden party ideas

The picturesque rustic style is often used in the design of various celebrations and cozy family evenings. A natural palette of colors, homespun textiles, sheaves of hay and straw, bouquets of flowers, fruits and vegetables, simple ceramic dishes, wicker baskets – these are indispensable attributes of a rustic party decoration. The festive table made of wooden boards can be left without tablecloth or decorated with a canvas tablecloth. Instead of chairs, use stumps of a suitable size, wooden boxes, barrels, hay bales, etc.

Bohemian Style Garden Party Decorating Ideas

Bohemian Style Garden Party Ideas

Bohemian garden party decor is full of inspiration. The style features a variety of colors, sizes and textures that compliments the bohemian theme.

A low table is a must for this garden party theme and eclectic table setting with mixed and matched dishware and glasses complements the artistic atmosphere and add an eclectic element to the decor. Oversized pillows or fabric poufs are the perfect choices for maximum comfort. You can use bright area rugs, an assortment of candles, floral centerpieces, Moroccan lanterns, etc.

Shabby Chic Garden Party Decor Ideas

shabby chic decorating ideas for your outdoor party

Shabby Chic is one of the most romantic styles. And if in moments of relaxation in the fresh air you want more romance, the atmosphere of shabby chic will create the necessary atmosphere. This type of decor is ideal for tea parties, bridal or baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, etc.

The style symbolizes beauty, the decoration has a certain romantic and nostalgic touch which is achieved with vintage furniture, textile and accessories. There is lightness and ease in this style, so it is suitable for decorating even a very small garden.

Shabby chic colors are white, pastel pink and blue, lilac, peach. Combined with the greenery of the garden and flowering plants, they look especially charming.

Flowers are the main decoration. They can be in vases, pots, vintage jugs, even as a print on textile. Romantic floral designs and stripes, lace and embroidery, frills and bows are all acceptable.

French Country Garden Party Decor

French country backyard decor ideas

A garden decorated in Provencal style is charming, incomparable, evoking nostalgic feelings. The light French style of garden party decoration has always been distinguished by the special sophistication of each item and the elegance of the overall impression created by the festive serving and decoration.

As a rule, two basic colors (neutral) are chosen for decoration, and supplemented with two or three shades of the natural palette. The thematic decor is often created by hand from natural materials – paper, lace, paints, branches, etc.

Summer Garden Party Decor Ideas – Create an Enjoyable Experience for Your Guests

bohemian summer garden party decor ideas

How to decorate your garden for a party so that guests will be delighted and want to come back again? Let’s have a look at different summer garden party decor ideas!

Decorate the Trees

amazing garden party decorating ideas chandeliers above dining table

If you are going to hold a cozy party for friends and family in your own, use the trees growing on the site as natural decorations. Hang Chinese lanterns, fairy lights, colorful ribbons, mason jars with fresh flowers, handmade pom poms – the options are numerous! Any original detail will make your garden a little more comfortable.

Hang Garlands and Banners

garlands and banners backyard party ideas

Garlands immediately create a festive atmosphere. You can buy them from party store or make them by yourself.

Decorate the Garden with Balloons

awesome balloons decorations for backyard party

Balloons have the ability to magically transform any festive decoration. They are always associated with holiday, which means that balloons are the easiest and fastest way to decorate your garden for any party theme. They can be floating above the table, above the serving area, or attached to a decorative object. Balloons filled with helium will soar in the air, creating a cheerful, carefree atmosphere.

Colorful Carpet and Pillows

boho chic garden party ideas table decor

This is the perfect setting for Boho style garden decor. Take a few thick rugs out of the house and lay them on the grass, throw decorative pillows on top and a comfortable and soft seating for guests is ready!

Decorate with Candles

candles and lanterns table decor ideas outdoor dinner party

The variety of shapes and colors of decorative candles is amazing. They create a special festive atmosphere and have a number of advantages: they are inexpensive, easy to arrange and an excellent DIY project. Use bottles of different shapes and colors, jars, tins, glass containers, candlesticks and candelabras, etc. Several candles can be placed on a tray or plate, and stones, cones, branches, vases and pots with flowers can be laid out between or next to them. Don’t forget about safety! Do not place candles near flammable objects!

Floral Decorations

backyard party ideas floral table centerpieces

The most traditional decoration of a summer party table is a bouquet of flowers. Chamomiles, marigolds, cornflowers, geraniums, chrysanthemums – all of them are ideal for creating a lush, but at the same time compact composition. Make 2-3 beautiful bouquets and place them in large jars or glass containers. If you have a small round or square table, one vase in the center is good enough. If the table is long, use several compositions, and it is not necessary that they consist of the same plants and be of the same type.

Garden Lights

garden party lights ideas create festive mood

Garden lights are never too much, especially when decorating summer open-air parties. Moreover, light bulbs or fairy lights above the dining table make it possible to almost completely abandon additional decor. This is very convenient if you haven’t got the time for decorating, but you still want to create a magical and festive atmosphere. In addition to the decorative effect, garden lights will help illuminate the area.



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