What’s the Best Haircut for Double Chin? These Slimming Hairstyles Will Hide the Double Chin!

by Kremy

It is important to choose a haircut that suits your face shape. You may feel that when you have a rounder face, there is less choice of hairstyles. But don’t lose hope! What’s the best haircut for double chin? There are great slimming hairstyles!

what is the best haircut for double chin current trends for fall 2023

Read on to discover some cool hairstyle ideas for fat faces that can help you look slimmer, well-groomed and more attractive. There is a hairstyle for everyone, whether the hair is straight, wavy, curly, short or long. Check out the photos, get inspired and visit your hairdresser so you can get a new haircut for fall 2023.

What’s the Best Haircut for Double Chin? Current Trends for Fall 2023

curly bob hairstyle for double chin


Finding flattering hairstyles for a chubby face or a double chin can be a challenge. To make you feel confident with your look, we have compiled the latest and most beautiful hairstyles for double chins and round faces. Every woman can choose a haircut that suits their needs.

Trendy Pixie Cut

trendy pixie cut

If you have a round face and a double chin, you should try a layered pixie cut. It makes the face look longer and slimmer by emphasizing the crown. Adding layers to the top, sides and back creates volume and structure.

Lively Bob Haircut for Round Faces

sleek bob haircut for round faces

This timeless hairstyle is adaptable and can be styled in a variety of ways to complement a variety of facial features. A bob haircut can make the face appear longer and slimmer by drawing the eye away from the chin.

what is the best haircut for double chin bob cut

The sleek bob that ends at the chin or collarbone is a great choice.

A Medium-Length Layered Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs Hides a Double Chin

layered hairstyle with curtain bangs hides double chin

Your face will be beautifully framed by medium length, layered hair and curtain bangs. The shortest strands of hair are best placed just above the cheekbones.

Short or Shoulder Length Hair with Side Bangs

haircut for double chin short or shoulder length hair with side bangs

Adding side bangs to a hairstyle is a quick and easy way to make the face look narrower.

best haircut for double chin

The face can be framed by cutting the bangs longer on the sides and shorter in the middle. Avoid cutting your bangs too short or blunt as this could make your face appear bigger than it is.

What’s the Best Haircut for Double Chin? Style the Shag Cut

what hairstyle for double chin shag cut style

When you think of short hairstyles for round faces and double chins, this is one of the favorite hairstyles. The shag cut is easy to maintain and looks really chic.

trendy shag cut for double chins and round faces

The shorter length frames your face so your chin isn’t as prominent.

hairstyle for chubby women with round face

Plus, the shaggy texture adds body to limp strands. Unless your hair is naturally curly, you’ll need a nice texturizing spray to achieve those perfect shaggy curls.

Exiting Curly Bob Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for round face

Many women who are unaware of their lower face shape avoid short hairstyles. But that’s wrong – there are numerous short haircuts for double chins and round face shapes. For example, the curly bob is one of the favorite hairstyles for chubby ladies. This middle parting makes your face appear longer and narrower. And the short, bouncy curls also help conceal your double chin.

Long, Wavy Hair Is Very Trendy

long wavy hair is trendy

This long hairstyle is ideal for anyone who has an oval or round face shape, as the front layers of hair cover the cheeks and cheekbones just enough.

what hairstyle for double chin long wavy hair

The balayage coloring also lengthens the face and conceals a thick neck and double chin.

Elegant Asymmetrical Bob

elegant assymetrical bob

The bob has been updated with the trendy asymmetrical version. This haircut makes one side of the head appear longer and narrower by leaving the hair longer on one side than the other.

Modern Long Bob for Round Faces

modern long bob for round face

This is an elegant hairstyle that can conceal the double chin. Styling your hair in medium length waves is enough. Even if your hair isn’t naturally wavy, you can achieve the look with a texturizing spray and straightener.

Pixie Bob (Bixie) Cut Conceals Double Chin

pixie bob bixie cut for double chin

If you want to contour your face but love short hair, this bixie is a perfect choice. The haircut looks cute and chic thanks to the face-framing and wispy sections. The blond hair with its distinctive strands also ensures that the hairstyle is not boring. This haircut is also beneficial for women over a certain age.

You can also try these chic haircuts!

Bob Haircut with Bangs for Double Chin Over 50

bob with bangs for double chin after 50

Long Pixie Cut for Double Chin

long pixie haircut for chubby women

Feather Cut From 60

feather cut for gray hair after 60

Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

bob haircut for thick hair

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