Contemporary home design – East Bay House by MacCracken Architects

by Kremy

Contemporary home design East Bay House

MacCracken Architects have completed this project in 2010. It is located Livermore, California, the residence has a contemporary home design and covers an area of 380 m2. The beautiful ranch home is named East Bay House and is built on the on the foundations of an old ranch and takes the form of traditional U in the region of California.

Modern architecture and tradition in a contemporary home design

modern ranch house East Bay House California


The structure of the old building did not appear to incorporate successfully with all the elements that the natural environment of the ranch offers. The interior, the size of rooms, the placement of windows, the roof structure did not communicate well with the exterior and the combination did not give access to the beautiful views of the surrounding hills. That is why the architects created a whole new contemporary home design in a style that gave the ranch a modern vision. The new approach in architectural design offers much more space and much larger volumes.

Contemporary home design with awesome spacious interiors

modern home design East Bay House outdoor area

East Bay House has been built in such a away that if you looked at it you will surely be amazed because its design is artistic and inspiring. Wood is dominant in the appearance and creatively mixed with art. The rooms are spacious and the tall windows and glass doors open onto a view of an impressive landscape. The pool in front of the house adds the romantic touch in the atmosphere. The structure of this modern ranch consists of five wooden buildings in which the most important amenities are hosted and the roof is the connection between them. Despite the contemporary home design, the roof is low as per the traditions in the local architecture. The traditional U shape opens towards a yard with tall trees and an outdoor dining area.

East Bay House contemporary home design ranch house

 The ranch has a typical and traditional U shape

modern House open to exterior environment


  Modern architecture inspired by the traditions

modern architecture MacCracken Architects

 The outer coating is made ​​entirely of wood

East Bay House five wooden boxes under one roof

Traditional ranch house wooden columns

East Bay House outdoor dining area under the trees

Outdoor dining area and the big table

East Bay House garden and the yard big dining table

The swimming pool

East Bay House contemporary home design inspired by traditions

The separate buildings open to the courtyard

modern architecture design ideas East Bay House by MacCracken Architects

All details are carefully crafted

East Bay House California by MacCracken Architects U shaped ranch

East Bay House a modern ranch house design

Contemporary home design East Bay House swimming pool

East Bay modern interior hallway wood

East Bay traditional interior living room

East Bay dining room interior

contemporary kitchen East Bay

contemporary bathroom East Bay

East Bay drawing





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