Creative DIY upcycling ideas – cool furniture for home and garden

by Kremy

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Is your garage cluttered with old things that you have been storing for years? Perhaps it is time to clean up and maybe you will find some items that you can use and give them a new life. We will show you inspiring and creative DIY upcycling ideas with which you can turn everyday objects into cool furniture and decoration pieces.

 Cool DIY upcycling ideas – the many uses of old things


Wardrobe ideas old ladder DIY painting ideas cool design


If you have an old ladder, do not throw it out! Simply grind the wood, coat it with varnish or paint it and use it as a shelf. Different tea cups can be transformed into lovely pendant lighting fixtures. Old car tires are easily turned into planter boxes, and old jeans will be an original decoration for the balcony as well as balcony planters. Paint cans can be also used for the garden. Just add soil and flower or herb seeds. There are many DIY upcycling ideas which will show you how to make cool wall hooks from just about anything.

 Build original coffee tables – DIY upcycling ideas



Do you need a coffee table? No problem – check these DIY upcycling ideas, take a look around and look for old leather suitcases that you could use. Of course, they have to be thoroughly cleaned before you place them in your living room. Then you can either pile several suitcases one upon another, or build a small structure made of wood and it put the suitcase. Voila – your new coffee table is ready.

 Wine barrel coffee table living room furniture rustic decor shaggy rug

The second idea is even easier – you cut an old wine barrel in two, cover the barrel with a glass or wooden top and you have a nice coffee table for the living room, the balcony or the garden.




 Old sewing machine upcycling idea


Original DIY furniture ideas


Upcycling drawers – kids’ room organizers

DIY-upcycling-ideas-kitchen drawers kids room shelves

Decorating old furniture pieces

DIY-upcycling-ideas-furniture decoration

 Lovely mini pendant lighting fixtures from tea cups

DIY-upcycling-ideas-coffe cups chandelier ideas

 Cute and easy DIY home office organizer

amazing-DIY-upcycling-ideas-denim crafts ideas home office organizers ideas

 Cheap flower pots for the patio

DIY-upcycling-ideas-paint cans cool flower pots DIY

 Playroom idea – organize the pencils of the kids

DIY-upcycling-ideas-easy home crafts office organizers pencil containers

 Creative table lamps

DIY-upcycling-ideas-bottle crafts ideas table lamps

Balcony privacy and creative decoration

DIY-upcycling-ideas-balcony privacy screen old jeans

 Wall hooks from old forks

cool wall hooks hangers forks DIY upcycling ideas kitchen hooks

tea cup pendant lighting fixtures upcycling ideas home decor

DIY-upcycling-ideas-vintage suitcase tables bedside table idea

DIY-upcycling-ideas-home office furniture ideas desk suitcase

DIY-upcycling-ideas-cork planter diy easy crafts

diy flower bed-DIY-upcycling-ideas-car tires garden decoration ideas

DIY-craft-ideas-wall-hook spoon easy home crafts

wall hooks-DIY-upcycling-ideas-projects

Cool-DIY-upcycling-ideas-projects orange skin candles paper roses




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