Quick and easy curb appeal ideas to upgrade your house exterior

by Kremy

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The curb appeal of any house is exceptionally important as this is the first impression of your home and without any doubt, the appearance of the house creates an initial impression of its owners.

What is curb appeal and why it is important? The term “curb appeal” is widely used to describe the attractiveness of the exterior of any property – residential or commercial – when viewed from the street. It appeared and is still used in the world of real estate. Despite the modern technologies and internet, potential home buyers still form their first impression when standing outside in the street or when parking their car next to the curb, and that is how the term appeared.

Homeowners who plan to sell their property realize the importance of the appealing exterior look and the first impression, but even if you do not have plans to sell your home, a good looking exterior is a compliment to you as a property owner. We have some quick and easy ideas which will help you spice up the appearance of your house without necessarily breaking the bank. Yes, you could spend days on end in home improvements, but most often people neglect some of the details which matter the most and we all know how important details are, so take a sheet of paper and make a list!


Quick and easy curb appeal ideas for the house entrance

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First impressions matter and this is a fact! When you own a property it speaks of you just as your clothing does. For example, if you had to go to a job interview or a first date, you would take extra care for your look, wouldn’t you? It is the same with your home, no matter whether you plan to sell it or not.

The first impression of a house is formed not only by the design of the exterior, but also by the surrounding plot. Like the interior, each style of exterior has its own characteristics and rules. Some exterior styles are suitable for certain terrain and climatic conditions, therefore, when developing design projects, these factors are taken into account, as well as the features of the relief, the nature of the lighting, the proximity of water bodies and groundwater. As complex as it may sound, there are easy ways to make your home better looking and there is no need to be a professional designer.

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The facade of the house is a very important detail. Let’s talk about the entrance. How to make the entrance into the house attractive? This area should be designed in accordance with the architecture and exterior of the whole building. There are many different options for its finishing and accessories, complementing its design. Sometimes, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint has a dramatic effect and automatically transforms the look of a home. True, painting the whole house can be expensive or unnecessary but you can re-paint the front door, siding, moldings or the trim details. It is easy to make your home entrance a focal point of the exterior – you can add a new door frame or change the door or simply paint it in a contrast color to make it stand out. Pay attention to the trips and moldings which can be used as an architectural or decorative accent around the front door and the windows.

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Another easy way to upgrade the house entrance is to change the hardware. Changing the door knob and fixtures is an instant boost. Make sure you choose the style of the hardware to reflect the overall architectural style of the house.

Replace the house numbers and the mailbox – this is also an easy and inexpensive upgrade which adds tremendously to the curb appeal of your home.

Replacing the porch railings is another way to improve the look of your house tremendously even if you are on a tight budget.


Quick and easy curb appeal ideas to create a spectacular landscape

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Exterior lighting is just as important as interior lights. It has a huge impact on the curb appeal of the house and can be not only functional but a great decorative accent. Adding porch lights, original light fixtures along the pathways (solar or LED) will provide safety and will make your landscape look exceptionally good.

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Look at the walkways and think how you can improve their look. Adding stone or brick edging will make an ordinary concrete path look way better. Those who prefer DIY projects could make unique concrete stepping stones or even a stamped concrete pathway.

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Replace (or add) a garden fence. The garden fence is an indispensable element the curb appeal of your property. The construction of a garden fence is not considered a luxury, but a necessity. You can choose from many materials – from traditional wood, wrought iron or stone to modern materials like stainless steel. A fence defines the boundary of the property and closes the owner’s private life from prying eyes. It performs not only a protective function but, of course, decorating. Whether it is a tall, openwork or a solid fence, it is, in one way or another, an obstacle to uninvited guests. The fence can also serve as a support for climbing plants.

Adding arbors and garden gates will also affect the appearance of your home. You can choose a DIY kit or pre-fab sections suitable for the overall exterior style.

Upgrade the driveway and the garage door. Repair cracks, get rid of weeds growing around or sprouting from the driveway, clean the stains and you are one step closer to a better look. Think of staining a concrete driveway or adding decorative borders from stone, brick or pavers as an elegant trim. Paint the garage door and make covers for the electrical box and air conditioner.

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Window shutters are a great idea as they can add color accents to the house exterior as well. Replacing the gutters is another quick curb appeal idea. Whether you choose budget friendly options like vinyl or more expensive and eye catching copper, a new gutter system will hugely improve the look of the house.

Rocking chairs or a porch swing will give the house a feeling of coziness so think about adding them.


Curb appeal ideas – garden flowers and lawn

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When we talk about curb appeal ideas and exterior design, we have to pay special attention to the lawn, trees and flowers since these elements add freshness, color and texture to the landscape and that is why they are of such a significant importance. An unkempt yard and dry, yellow grass will not create a good initial impression, will they? A neglected outdoor area can ruin all the efforts you put into updating and renovating the interior. However, a green manicured lawn is not only pleasant to look at, but it speaks for a caring hand and homeowner.

The number of plants, trees and shrubs depends on the size of the site. You can have just one tree – an oak, a birch, an apple tree, a maple, etc. – surrounded by flower beds and arrange the front yard in a way that it is the focal point. Japanese trees, mountain pines or shrub roses are also beautiful. Choosing coniferous plants, as well as trees with a characteristic bark, for example, barberry or maple, is a guarantee that your garden will look very beautiful at any time of the year. During the warm season, the space between the trees can be filled with perennial plants like lilies, chrysanthemums, asters and many others.

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Planter boxes and containers are a budget friendly option to create a garden. You can choose plants that complement the style of the house and arrange them symmetrically or asymmetrically if you prefer more dynamic compositions.

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Window boxes and hanging planters will add layers and texture and this is another quick, easy and cheap way to improve the curb appeal of the house. You can even upcycle household items and create unique planter boxes.

Vertical gardens are a great option for small front yards and porches and you can mix and match flowers to complement the house entrance area and the color scheme. DIY planters ideas are a cheap option for all who want something really original and unique. Concrete planters, baskets, wheel carts, there are numerous ways to add amazing features to the landscape.

Make sure that the garden hose is neatly stored and not lying around. One of the easiest garden hose storage options is to buy a basket or craft a reel.

As you see, it does not take a lot of time, effort and money to improve the curb appeal of your home. With a little imagination and creativity you can create miracles and the exterior of your house will look great at any time.


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