How to choose dog names for male dogs – rules and important tips

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How to choose dog names for male dogs

There are many and very different names that are given to dogs in different countries around the world. How to choose dog names for male dogs? It is necessary to know that when selecting a name, you need to observe certain basic requirements. The name should not be too long. It is desirable to consist of four letters, one or two syllables and to be pronounced clearly. In this way the dog will be able to easily distinguish it from the other words, never be misled by other calls, and you will not have difficulty in pronouncing it. In addition, it is better if you choose a name that is not widespread so that your pet does not get confused when you are walking it.

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Newly born puppies are deaf for 10 to 14 days. They gradually develop hearing and by three weeks of age, the puppy begins to distinguish human speech. Adult dogs hear sounds from 16-20 Hz to 70-100 kHz while people can hear from 20 Hz to 16 kHz. At the same time dogs can very quickly and accurately determine the direction the signal comes from. A dog will hear its name when you call it without raising your voice, even if it is at a distance of more than 50 meters. An adult dog can hear all sounds, however, the pet perceives some words quickly and clearly, and others with irritation. The secret is in the stress and construction of the word. Avoid “hissing” sounds when choosing dog’s name. As per experts it is better if the name starts with a consonant.

How to choose dog names for male dogs – important considerations to keep in mind

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Many people wonder how to choose dog names for male dogs. When buying a dog, one of the first things you need to think about is choosing a beautiful name for it. At first, this process seems fascinating and simple. However, in fact, it turns out that choosing a suitable name for a dog is quite difficult. It must reflect the individual characteristics of the animal and not cause discomfort among others. The sooner you give your new pet a name, the better. This will help him get comfortable, get closer to you, learn how to respond to commands, and in general, speed up the process of training. To simplify your task when choosing a name, we recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

Dog breed is one of the first things you need to take into account. The individual characteristics of the breed can be a good start point when choosing a name. In addition, it is important to take into account the size of the pet because names suitable for large dogs may be inappropriate for representatives of small breeds.

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Character is another important criterion. Some people believe that the name of an animal affects its character. Observe the dog for several days, study the peculiarities of its behavior and preferences and perhaps they will help you decide on a name.

Appearance is also a factor. Pet color, height, weight, individual features of the structure can also play a role in choosing a name.

The name of the animal should be short and easy to remember and acceptable to others. Dog experts do not recommend giving the pet a name which sounds like the basic commands in order not to complicate the training.

Popular male puppy names how to choose the best one

Once the dog has been given a name and this name has been used for some time, it should not be changed. Often the search for the most appropriate name in the first days is a mistake, as different family members try different names. This is very wrong. All disputes should be ended before giving your puppy a name. Otherwise he will be confused and will hesitate how and whether to react.

It is very important that everyone in the family likes the name of the dog. That is why it is best that the dog name is chosen by the owners who will take care of it. The name can be borrowed from the name of a mountain, a famous peak, a river or you can invent it yourself. You can take the initial letter of the name of family members or the first syllables of the puppy’s mother or father, etc. Make sure that everyone likes the name because you, your family, neighbors, and the dog itself will hear it for a long time.

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Do not rush to name your puppy after deceased pets and relatives or to cartoon characters. Owners often select names of Gods, warriors, and famous generals like Zeus, Thor, Caesar, etc. These are, of course, beautiful and majestic names, but not for Pekingese or Toy Terrier. By naming an animal after the heroes of books or films, you oblige them to conform to the image. Either refrain from such a choice, or clearly understand that the nature of the dog depends only on genetics and education. Remember that your emotions and excitement from having a puppy will pass, but the name of your dog will remain for the rest of his life.


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