Ikea living room Christmas decorations: it’s so chic with the Scandinavian collections!

by Kremy

It glows and shines and sparkles without being too kitschy, too modern or just too much of a good thing – that can only mean Scandinavian-style Christmas decorations! If you are also taken with this romanticism of a special kind, the new collections from the furniture store Ikea are exactly what you need! We give you a glimpse of the magical atmosphere that Ikea living room Christmas decorations exude without having to travel the long way to and the long aisles of the store.

Decorate the table festively

Christmas decoration for the living room from Ikea decorate the dining table festively

The center of the living room is either the coffee table with the sofa or the dining table. Either way, a breathtaking table decoration is a must. So we start with living room Christmas decoration ideas, which are intended for the table and other storage areas. You will fall in love!

With an Advent wreath and candles

The Christmas season probably officially begins with the Advent season, so the Advent wreath can be the perfect start for the of your Ikea living room Christmas decorations. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a ready-made model or would rather make something nice yourself – the furniture store has got you covered and offers you everything you need for your project – from traditional-looking Advent wreaths with a touch of Scandinavian romance to DIY elements that you can use. And of course there is also a great selection of matching candles, both real and LED candles.

More Ikea living room Christmas decorations for the table

Table runners and tablecloths and cute houses


Dining table, side table, coffee table and of windowsill and mantelpiece – they should all shine festively. And this is ensured by the various figurines in soft and stronger colors, different light sources, but also mini pine trees, which you can decorate with tree ornaments. Table runners, tablecloths and coasters, crockery and cutlery, glass bells and much more spice up the festive table without being too obtrusive.

The radiant yet discreet Ikea Christmas tree

Ikea living room Christmas decorations to create a Scandinavian atmosphere

Instead of decorating the Christmas tree in the same colors and with the same decorations every year, you can vary and alternate the combinations. The furniture store definitely offers a sufficiently large selection, which is extended or renewed every year with new collections. You can easily find Christmas baubles in modern, classic and particularly original versions by browsing through the online shop.

Traditional straw ornaments combine perfectly with more contemporary models, so that you can create a special kind of interplay.

Ikea living room Christmas decorations Christmas trees with a nostalgic flair

You can also buy the tree itself from Ikea – in different sizes and styles. So if you want to do without a real tree, you can opt for an artificial one. And if you want something extra special, you can do without a traditional Christmas tree and instead choose a triangular wall decoration (e.g. the VINTERFINT photo shelf) to merely outline the Christmas tree.

Ikea living room Christmas decorations – Bright lights

Christmas decoration for the living room from Ikea Scandinavian stars


No Christmas decoration is complete without some lighting. We’ve already mentioned candles, but the Scandinavian furniture maker offers plenty of other options. There are fairy lights in a wide variety of designs, Scandinavian stars for the window or the lamp above the dining table and other window decorations. You can decorate the table with elegant tealight holders and candlesticks and there are even numbered pillar candles for the Advent wreaths

Decorate with seasonal flowers

Christmas decorations Ikea living room real coniferous trees in a pot

We have already mentioned that there are artificial Christmas trees. But you can also find real evergreen plants as Ikea living room Christmas decorations. But even if you want it more flowery, you will quickly find what you are looking for The good old poinsettia in red as well as in white and in real and artificial versions and can be beautifully displayed with a lovely flower pot or Christmas planter. These are available in robust material and noble, tinted glass and in colors such as brass, red, white and green – perfect if your Ikea living room Christmas decorations should be kept in traditional colors. The metallic, in turn, sets interesting, shiny accents.

Table decoration in classic and modern colors

Many small details make the overall picture of the Christmas decoration complete. And the furniture store really thought of everything. Finished decorations make it easier to design the house in stressful everyday life, while craft sets, such as the one for gingerbread houses, make all crafters’ hearts beat faster. Small decorative materials can, in turn, be used for completely individual decoration ideas in order to bring the charm of the Nordic countries into your own four walls in a very individual way.

Living room Christmas decorations for the windows

Paper stars as window decoration

Gnomes will remain a Christmas decoration trend in 2022

Gnomes remain a Christmas trend in 2022

Scandinavian Christmas decoration with a nostalgic touch

The Christmas tree decoration reminds of the old traditions

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 with beautiful lights

lights ring for the windowsill Ikea Christmas living room decorating ideas

Discreet decorations in white

Window decoration with lights white silhouettes for the window sill


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