Coffee Table Christmas Decoration Ideas – Be a Home Stylist This Year

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The coffee table is the centerpiece of almost any living room, which means it should be pleasing to the eye and interesting to the guests of the house, creating topics for conversation. It is not only a place to put a cup of coffee, a magazine and reading glasses, but also offers space for imaginative seasonal decorations.

Coffee Table Christmas Decoration Ideas Be a Home Stylist This Year

How to style your coffee table for Christmas this year? Have a look at these magnificent coffee table Christmas decoration ideas that can inspire you for this year’s holiday season! They prove that with the right elements and the simplest strategy, your coffee table can be chic, stylish and festive.

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table for Christmas?

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table for Christmas


Experienced designers and decorators use a classic scheme or the rule of three groups.

  • Something tall (vase, houseplant, figurine);
  • Something low (box, candles, ornaments);
  • Something old or textured (a piece of coral, a shell, a stone, an antique lantern – anything with a special character);
  • A stack of books or magazines (usually used as a stand).

If your table has a small surface or you are prefer the minimalistic approach, then you can arrange only 1-2 large, beautiful objects on the table, which will look impressive against a free background. And if you are worried that the different elements may look messy on the table, then try organizing them on a nice tray.

Coffee table for Christmas decorated with gifts

With a stylish Christmas decoration on the coffee table we get in the mood for the coming holidays. When you decorate the coffee table, it is important that the individual accessories are color-coordinated and that they match the overall interior. Vintage lanterns, heirlooms from grandparents and modern Christmas balls in an accent color create a charming ensemble. Fir branches break up the monotonous look and give the arrangement a natural touch.

Our tip: So that the Christmas decorations not only look modern, but also spread a cozy atmosphere and a happy mood, rely on classic elements such as reindeer, Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations.

What Materials to Use and How to Combine Them?

Coffee Table Christmas Decoration Ideas What Materials to Use

Depending on the overall festive décor concept in your home, you can choose natural, traditional, modern or minimalist decoration. For example, A few fir branches loosely draped on the living room table, several Christmas balls and four pillar candles is a classic composition that always works. If you want to try something new, you can rely on a modern combination of materials. Glass, crystal and metal are ideal as a contemporary alternative to wood, ceramics and textiles. Silver, brass, bronze and copper never go out of style and if dosed correctly, you can create a glamorous and chic centerpiece for your coffee table. If you want to decorate a small table, these tips will help you avoid a cluttered and chaotic look:

  • Keep the number of decorative elements to a minimum. 3 or 5 decorations are enough.
  • Leave space between the groups of decorative elements.
  • Opposites attract and create an exciting ensemble. Combine high with low and shiny with frosted decorations.
  • Stick to the color scheme in the living room. It just looks better when the Christmas decorations pick up on the accent colors in the room.

How to Use a Bowl as a Decoration on Your Coffee Table?

How to Use a Bowl Decoration on Your Coffee Table

A beautiful ball offers numerous options and can be the accent of your Christmas coffee table decoration. There are no limits to your own imagination and the possibilities are simply endless. Metal bowls look fantastic filled with Christmas tree ornaments in different colors and sizes. Decorations made up of several tone-on-tone elements also look great.

If you want to bring a touch of romance into your living room, you can arrange your Christmas decorations in a silver bowl. Fill it with ornaments made of fabric, richly decorated with sequins and lace, shimmering silver Christmas balls and modern glass Christmas tree decorations.

silver white and gold neutral christmas decor ideas

Just remember that a bowl should not stand alone on the coffee table. Add candles in candle holders which will be the tall element and a tray that will frame the composition.

Arrange Edible Christmas Decorations on the Coffee Table

Edible Christmas decoration on coffee table

A colorful edible decoration is also a great Christmas decoration for the coffee table. Arrange a homemade gingerbread house, Christmas cookies and tree ornaments to create a cozy atmosphere.

Several beautifully packaged gifts go perfectly with the edible decoration, which will make the children even more excited about the holiday.

Enjoy these fantastic Coffee table Christmas decoration ideas and get ready for the holiday season!


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