June – LED lights chandelier from natural wood by Nikari

mikko paakkanen JUNE LED lights chandelier natural wood for Nikari

Finnish designer Mikko Paakkanen has combined tradition and modern and the result is a beautiful LED lights chandelier. June chandelier has simple lines and nothing extravagant – we only see the natural beauty of wood. Nikari’s project to introduce a product by a different designer named after the months of the year pays off in a brilliant way.

Modern LED lights chandelier with respect for Nature

June Mikko Paakkanen chandelier LED lights

Modern chandeliers often use metal, glass or other high-end materials. But using wood for creating a contemporary LED lights chandelier is a design that reminds us of the naturalness of life. Don’t we all know that wood is one of the best and most valuable materials? Paakkanen’s design is a nostalgic reminder of a classic and well known shape and unites tradition with present. The inspiration behind the design came with the opportunity to create a lighting fixture with minimal use of natural materials with respect to the problems of the global climate changes.

LED lights chandelier with eco friendly design

mikko paakkanen june LED chandelier modern techology traditional appearance

JUNE chandelier is made of curved oak strips whose surface is treated with natural wood oil mixture. The complex electrical installation of the LED lights chandelier has been developed creatively and on the tips of the strips there are standard fixtures that can house LED lamps and the result is glowing tips on the places where we expect to see candles. Placed against a pure white wall this lighting piece will stand out spectacularly. Dimensions of June are is 850mm diameter and 550 mm height.

natural oak wood chandelier LED lights curved lines

 Traditional design and modern LED technology

modern wooden chandelier LED Lights





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