A stylish collection of modern curved chairs with organic shapes

by Kremy



This stylish collection of modern curved chairs is designed by Jean-Pierre Martz and is comprised of three different subcategories – Tube, Ellipse and Galaxy. Each one of these categories is presented by two or four different chair models. Available in various colors and plywood or metal constructions the Martz collection is full of life and mood.

modern-curved-chairs-Martz-collection-Tube green white frame


Jean-Pierre Martz is an industrial designer and founder of his own furniture company Martz Edition. His modern curved chairs vary from stools to armchairs and feature original circular design. The round shape underlines the artistic appearance and the vibrant colors add to the lively feeling that one gets when looking at them. The seats are constructed in various shapes and sizes and all the designs are united by the smooth arched lines. Their silhouettes combine beautifully futuristic appeal and organic shapes.

contemporary-curved-chairs-Martz-collection-various colors and sizes

The modern curved chair in the Martz collection can be given a different finishing. The plywood could be veneered, varnished or lacquered while the metal versions are produced from painted aluminum or steel. The backs of the seats could be full or a number of patterns could be laser cut – flowers or geometrical. The upholstery varies from fabric to leather or vinyl and the combinations are numerous. Some of the models have versions for children which are cute while keeping the elegance. Placed outdoors or indoors these creatively designed pieces will become a part of the home decoration without losing their functionality.

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 modern curved chairs Martz collection Ellipse

modern-chair-design-Martz-collection-Ellipse puple upholstery steel finish

creative-chair-design-Martz-collection-Tube brown leather upholstery

creative-chair-design-Martz-collection-Tube white and purple

curved-chair-design-Martz-collection-elegant organic forms

modern-curved-chairs-Martz-collection-Tube green white frame side


modern-curved-chairs-Martz-collection-vibrant colors upholstery


modern-curved-chairs-design by martz indoor or outdoor furniture

stylish chair designs Martz collection interior chair black leather upholstery plywood


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