Modern home lighting – LED chandelier Miracle with 3D stars elements

by Kremy

 modern home lighting LED chandelier Miracle

Le Porcellane – Home and Lighting is a long established name in the modern home lighting design. It was found sixty years ago near Florence and for that time their products became famous for the quality and design. For the last few years the company started blending modern ideas with traditional styles. LED chandelier Miracle is a result of the collaboration between Le Porcellane – Home and Lighting and  Carlo Bimbi Design Studio.

modern home lighting LED chandelier stars elements


This modern style home lighting fixture attracts the eye with the complex shape and the precision in the details. Despite the complex shape the design has clear lines and will fit into a modern home interior, moreover – it will definitely become a center accent over a dining table or in a living room. The Miracle chandelier is designed to use LED technology. The low heat, long lasting LED lamps are energy efficient and the beauty of this chandelier is in the contrast of the used materials.

 modern home lighting LED chandelier 3D stars complex shape

Le Porcellane’s new design of the Miracle chandelier is miraculous with the 12-point, three-dimensional, and porcelain design stars. The chandelier is attached to the ceiling with the help of chrome metal bonded structures which are practically invisible and you only notice the unique shape. Once lit, the light falls on the stars and enhances the artistic appearance of this modern home lighting fixture. What else could anyone say? The marvelous LED chandelier carries on the tradition of craftsmanship in a miraculous way. Available in several variations it may find the right place in any room of your house – dining room, bedroom, living room, and it will stand out in a spectacular way in a cafe or a restaurant.

LED Chandeliers modern home lighting Miracle by Le Porcellane


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