Captivating modern architecture design by Vo Trong Nghia architects

Written by Kremena Ruseva

modern architecture design vo trong nghia architects Indochine cafe Kontum Vietnam

One of the best features of modern architecture design is the unlimited creativity. This is what we see in the bamboo Kontum Indochine Cafe, a project developed by Vo Trong Nghia architects in the Kontum City in Vietnam. The design is captivating with the original use of natural materials which create a contemporary aesthetic environment.

Modern architecture design which exploits natural materials

vo trong nghia architects kontum indochine cafe project bamboo cones

Being a part of the hotel complex which lies next to the Dakbla River, Kontum Indochine Cafe is an example of a brilliant modern architecture design that provides a lot of light and offers unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. The complex is positioned on a spectacular site next to a bridge of the Dakbla River which is also an entrance to the city. The Kontum Indochine Cafe consists of two main areas – the main sitting area with a flat horizontal bamboo roof and an annex kitchen made of concrete frames and stones.  The roof coverage features  fibre-reinforced plastic panels and thatch and fifteen conical bamboo pillars which remind of a traditional Vietnamese fishing basket support the flat roof of the main area.

 Flexibility and creativity of modern architecture design

modern architecture design vo trong nghia architects kontum indochine cafe

The Kontum Indochine Cafe is designed without any walls and of course, no air conditioning. The architects took an advantage of the natural environment and use the surrounding water and the shade of the roof to keep the space cool. The massive pillars are made of bamboo which has specific characteristics, different from that of timber or steel. The bamboo has been treated in a traditional way which preserves its qualities. It was first soaked in mud, smoke-dried, and then joined using rattan fiber and bamboo nails. Revealing the beauty of natural materials this modern architecture design creates a feeling of an enchanted bamboo forest. The cafe is used as a dining and tea area, but also as an open extension to the hotel premises and can be used as a banquet hall.

  contemporary architecture design projects Kontum Indochine Cafe

The surrounding water adds to the effect of the pillars with beautiful reflections

spectacular modern architecture design vo trong nghia architects

 The design benefits from the material characteristics of the bamboo

modern architecture natural materials bamboo pillars

 The bamboo pillars were inspired by the traditional Vietnamese fishing basket

modern architecture design kontum Indochine cafe Vietnam vo trong nghia architects

An open air architectural design which provides natural light and unobstructed views

creative architecture surrouded by water bamboo pillars

modern architecture design inverse bamboo pillars

inverse conical bamboo pillars

contemporary architecture projects natural materials bamboo interior design

modern architecture massive bamboo pillars

bamboo architecture flat grid roof massive supporting pillars

architectural plans

architectural plans Kontum Indochine Cafe Vo Trong Nghia architects-3

architectural plans architects-2

architectural plans Kontum Indochine Cafe Vo Trong Nghia architects-1




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