Nail Trends 2024: The 10 Predictions According to Experts

by Kristiyana

What is THE manicure for 2024? Which nail trends 2024 should we expect to see, according to experts? 

3d nail art trend 2024

A new year can bring many opportunities for fresh ideas, or revisit something old and classic, but with an added modern touch to it. And we all know that this frequently happens in the fashion world. Whether it’s clothes, makeup or hairstyles, you can breathe new life into anything if you follow the patterns of trends and know about what’s currently having its moment of fame. And today we are focusing on the latest nail trends 2024 and what experts have to say on the matter.

Nail Trends 2024: The 10 Predictions According to Experts

pastel aura nails 2024

The year of 2023 was big for glazed donut nails thanks inspo queen Hailey Bieber, along with clean girls manicures, aura nails and touches of gold and silver metallics. For 2024, based on our most prominent source among many others, Cosmopolitan, states that we will be seeing revised versions of some of these nail designs among many others that we might or might not be familiar with. Which will they be? We unfold here.

Coquette Nails Are Taking Over in 2024

coquette nail trend 2024 bows

You probably live under a rock if you haven’t yet heard about the latest TikTok-inspired trend in fashion — The Coquette Style. Characterized by dreamy pastels, soft pinks, bows, ribbons and pearly accents, this aesthetic is not only taking over your wardrobe, hair, and makeup in 2024, but your nails as well. Be sure that you will be seeing many 3D bows and pink sparkles painted over nails this year.

The Glazed Nails Trend Part 2

revised glazed nails 2024

Don’t act too surprised to learn that the glazed nail look that was so popular in 2023 is staying put for 2024 as well. However, the new year does bring a revised version of this fabulous nail trend. According to experts, we will likely see manicures featuring full-coverage glitter sets, as well as many French glaze nails or fades.

Nail Trends 2024: Peach Fuzz Nails

peach fuzz nails 2024 pantone color

Did you know that  Pantone announced their color of the year for 2024 to be Peach Fuzz — a hybrid of orange, yellow, and white? This soft and delicate hue will be taking over fashion trends, and will fit in perfectly with the pastel colors that we will likely see many of in the following year. Peach fuzz manis will be the perfect warm welcome to kick off spring or summer 2024, don’t you think?

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More of the Nail Trends That You Will Likely See Everywhere in 2024

aura nails trend 2024

Manicures featuring 3D nail art in 2024

3d barbie nails

Animal print nails are back! 

animal print nails will be trending in 2024

Pastel colors for 2024 nail trends

pastel nail colors 2024 trend

Nail trends 2024 shape: Short square nails 

nail trends 2024 shape short sqaure nails

Welcome back edgy 90s grunge nails! 

90s grunge nails are back in 2024

We will again be seeing many metallic & chrome manis

metallic and chrome nails for 2024 nail trends

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