25+ Unique Neon Nail Designs for Your Boldest and Brightest Summer Manicure of 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

Neon nails are the funky eye-catching nail art trend we simply don’t seem to be able to get enough of! The summer of 2023 is looking bright, and the manicures will be even brighter because the glowing in-the-dark, vibrant colors are definitely here to stay and make a statement! Get in the party mood for the upcoming hot sunny season with these stunning neon nail ideas that will make your manicure pop in every bar and club in 2023!

Stunning Neon Nail Designs for Summer 2023

long oval nails neon yellow pink manicure zebra abstract zebra animal pattern

What better way to prepare yourself for the summer season than with a set of amazing neon nails? Dive into the versatility of the neon color range that looks undeniably beautiful regardless of skin tone or nail shape! Browse through some of the trendiest neon nail design ideas and pick your favorite one to try out at your next nail appointment!

Swirl Neon Manicure on Long Oval Nails

pink orange yellow neon nails matte swirly decorations black splatter summer manicure 2023


One of the booming abstract nail art trends of the spring was the swirl nails and we’re definitely expecting to see it carrying into the summer season. This colorful neon manicure shows a playful combination of ombre nails with black nail polish splatters and vibrant yellow swirls with a matte top coat.

Aura Nails Meet Animal Print Under the Neon Lights

neon aura nails animal print summer manicure 2023 trends

Since we’re on the topic of mixing and matching the nail art trends of 2023, we can’t miss out on one of my absolute favorites – the aura nails! Give this mystical nail design a summer twist in bold neon colors, like these stunning shades of orange and pink. You know what people say – the bigger the better – but in this case, the brighter! If you’re feeling brave, take it a step further and add some animal print accents that will truly make your manicure stand out in the crowd!

Long Stiletto Neon French Tips

abstract neon french manicure summer nail trends 2023

An abstract summer twist of a timeless classic – the neon French tip! A bright rainbow dance that is guaranteed to make your manicure the star on the dancefloor as soon as you step into the club and the lights go down!

Matte Neon Short Almond Nails

orange neon swirly nails design ideas trendy summer manicure 2023

If you’re not a fan of the glossy nail finish but still want to give the neon trend a go – don’t fret! They look just as stunning with a matte top coat and it won’t affect the glow-in-the-dark effect in any way! Add a funky 70s vibe to your manicure with these minimalist 3-tone rainbows and you have your new favorite summer manicure ready to go!

Neon Tie Dye Nails Design

tie dye neon nails ideas summer 2023 fun abstract manicure trends

The spirit of summer carries this effortless feeling of freedom and new opportunities, and what better way to embody it than with a classic tie-dye pattern made in neon colors as a homage to the hippie free-spirited 70s!

Leopard Prints and Neon Tints

colorful leopard animal pattern neon nails summer 2023 manicure ideas

Animal prints are probably one of my favorite nail art trends to date, and this neon twist is something I’m looking forward to trying myself! The vibrant yellow looks stunning against tanned skin and the leopard prints add a touch of well-needed summer playfulness!

More Summer Neon Nail Designs

zebra animal print orange neon nails ideas summer 2023

Short Rounded Square Nails with a Neon Yellow Manicure and Flame Decorations

yellow neon nail ideas matte flame design manicure summer 2023

Neon Pink Tie Dye Nail Design

tie dye neon pink blue nail ideas short almond manicure 2023

Yellow Neon Nails with Pinstripe Decorations

simple design yellow neon nail ideas pinstripes summer manicure trends

Medium Length Square Neon Nails Ombre Design

pink orange yellow ombre neon nail ideas summer 2023

Two Color Neon Manicure with Black Nail Polish Splatters

pink orange yellow neon ombre nails black splatter summer 2023

Yellow Neon Ombre Nails with Bedazzled Decoration

neon yellow ombre long oval nails bedazzled decoration summer manicure ideas 2023

Yin Yang Yellow Neon Nails Design Idea

neon yellow nails ideas yin yang design summer 2023

Short Squoval Neon Nails with Abstract Floral Decorations

neon short nails abstract floral motifs summer manicure 2023

Orange and Green Neon Squoval Nails with Gold Zebra Pattern and Polka Dots Decoration

neon orange green gold animal print polka dots abstract summer manicure 2023

Neon Green Negative Space Swirl Nails

neon green swirly nails design summer manicure trends 2023

Mismatched Short Squoval Yellow and Pink Neon Summer Manicure

mismatched neon pink yellow short nails summer ideas 2023

Abstract Mismatched Short Neon Nails Design 

mismatched abstract neon nail ideas short manicure summer trends 2023

Long Stiletto Nails with Neon French Tips

long stiletto nails yellow neon french tip manicure v shape summer trends

Abstract Mismatched Neon French Tips on Long Stiletto Nails

long stiletto nails abstract neon french manicure trends 2023

Long Oval Neon Nails with Colorful Polka Dots Decorations

long oval neon nail ideas polka dots summer manicure

70s-Inspired Color Block Long Oval Neon Nails Design

color block fun neon nail ideas summer 2023

Abstract Ombre Effect Tie Dye Neon Nails 

tie dye neon nails ideas pink yellow ombre black spots summer manicure 2023

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