What are the best petite girls pants to wear in 2023? Find all the current trends here!

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We must learn to accept and appreciate any type of body, regardless of its specific morphology. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to become the best version of yourself. Wanting to improve your appearance is not in vain, it is an impulse worthy of admiration! Especially if you prefer to upgrade yourself, change your eating habits for the better and introduce some stylistic changes in the wardrobe. Yes, dressing well is essential not only for self-confidence, but also for the first impression you create on others. And when you’re petite, there’s not much you can do to gain inches, except to climb on heels, right? Well, it depends… There are clothes that make us look taller than we really are and knowing them is super useful. Today we are talking about what are the best petite girls pants to wear in 2023!

What are the best petite girls pants to wear in 2023?

what are the best petite girls pants to wear in 2023

Measuring 165 cm on average, petite women can really sometimes struggle on finding the right pants. Yes, it’s super cute to be small, but sometimes you want to look a little more slender, right? Me, personally, I am 1.58 and often I have the impression that I get lost between most of my girlfriends… At the same time, I noticed that there are cuts of jeans or pants that are even to optically counter this effect. Here are 10 of my favorite models that you will probably like too!

Get your hands on the slim pants!

what is the best pants to wear for a short girl slim fashion 2023


When chosen well, classic slim pants should be tight, but not too tight. It has a small leg opening and covers the ankles, but just barely, giving an extra chic look. It’s the top choice if you’re petite and have wide hips, but also a relatively narrow waist.

Straight-leg pants

straight leg pants for petite girls fashion tips and tricks ideas

Many of us ask ourselves: “What pants when you are small and when you have big thighs ? »,« And for the pronounced hips? »,« If I have a belly? “. This is where the Versatile Straight Leg Pant comes in to save the day! As usual, when you’re round, choose it high-waisted.

Cigarette pants

cigarette pants for petite women fashion trends

Halfway between the first two options and almost universal, women’s cigarette pants are my personal favorite! Its waist is high (it therefore hides the belly), it is less tight than the slim and more provocative than the straight, super elegant and comfortable, whether in a 7/8 or full length version.

Petite girls pants: High-waisted black pants

high waisted black pants for petite women ideas fashion 2023

Well-fitting plain beige pants can visually lengthen your legs and make you look taller and slimmer. The trick is to pair it with a pair of nude pumps or the same beige shade! If your goal is to conceal voluptuous hips or tummy, you won’t go wrong with slimming black.

Wide-leg pants

wide leg pants black color trends fashion petite girls

When you’re petite, you feel intimidated by flowy long pants, especially if they’re wide-legged, right? However, it’s all about the length and the longer, the better! It may seem counter-intuitive to you, but in practice your long pants will add inches to the vertical line of your lower half body giving you really long legs! The problem is that it must be worn with high heels and it must fall freely down, without bending, covering the maximum of the shoes, without at the same time touching the ground. The wide-leg jeans will be also super popular in the spring of 2023. Check out what are the spring jeans trends this year!

Petite girls pants: High-waisted wide-leg pants

high waisted wide leg pants petite women

Considering you’re petite and thin, especially without a belly, deck pants are a fabulous option. For all V, O or H morphologies, consider a so-called flare model (less flared elephant legs). A petite X-cut silhouette will no doubt appreciate the paper bag waist pants emphasizing her assets. Finally, for obvious reasons, shorts, pleated pants or pants with vertical stripes are always adequate when you ask yourself: “What pants when you’re little?”.

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