A raw sycamore chest of drawers by Peter Kindt which values Nature

by Kremy

modern minimalist furniture cabinet raw sycamore chest of drawers by peter kindt

Designer Peter Kindt  is showing a gorgeous white and sycamore chest of drawers which emphasizes the imperfections of nature in a modern minimalist frame. At first glance this piece of furniture catches the eye with the simplicity of lines and shape. Peter Kindt is presenting a classic piece with ultra modern shine.

Pure white frame with straight lines in the design of the sycamore chest of drawers

nature friendly furniture ideas


Peter Kindt has a great talent in creating designs which combine modern minimalist style and natural wood. Whether cherry, oak or walnut – his work is impressive with the elegant clean lines which complement the natural beauty of wood. The piece which the designer named “RAW Sycamore Chest of Drawers” has been a part of the New Designers exhibition in 2012 – an event which gives respect to young and talented graduating designers.

Raw sycamore chest of drawers with cool minimalist design

white sycamore chest of drawers by peter kindt

Leaving aside the fact that minimalist furniture is quite fashionable nowadays in the raw sycamore chest of drawers Peter Kindt has managed to embody the respect and appreciation of natural materials. Nature is the greatest designer and the straight white frame of this cabinet is the perfect way to enhance on the beauty of natural timber colors. The front boards are not treated in any way and the recessed corners are a comfortable way to open the drawers. The design is so universal that it would fit in any home interior and add elegance and discrete charm to the decor. The dimensions of the sycamore chest of drawers are130x56x71 cm and it is available in this color only.

 The natural beauty of sycamore wood is enhanced by the design

modern home interior white raw sycamore wood cabinet ideas


Modern furniture with simple straight lines

raw wood cabinet recessed corners


contemporary furniture design ideas white raw wood



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