A creative way to remodel IKEA cabinets and give them a modern look

by Kremy

IKEA-storage-cabinets-upgrade superfront collection dark gray

The Stockholm-based company Superfront offers a new and fantastic approach which gives us the opportunity to remodel IKEA cabinets and create a modern interior in our home using the marvelous cabinet fronts, handles, and legs which are compatible with IKEA products.

A new design concept on how to remodel IKEA cabinets

modern interior upgrade-IKEA-cabinets-white front doors


Certainly there comes a time that most of us would like to modernize their home decor or upgrade the existing one. Superfront gives us the possibility to do that at a reasonable cost and that is the main concept behind the idea of creating an option to remodel IKEA cabinets. Yes, it is a simple and brilliant idea – to create an affordable design which is based on standard Swedish company furniture. Every client could create his own design as per his taste and existing interior.

Endless possibilities to remodel IKEA cabinets and create marvelous designs

superfront collection upgrade-Ikea-cabinets-red legs pink front

The cabinet fronts, legs and handles of Superfront are based on the standard Ikea pieces which makes their remodeling easy and effortless. The designs of Superfront are minimal but aesthetic. All fronts, sides and tops are made from high quality MDF board and you can get new IKEA kitchens, for example, for a price that will be times lower that the price of a designer’s models. If you wished to remodel IKEA cabinets that you already have – there is a choice of nine fronts, 8 handles and legs models and 12 different colors. There is no longer need to paint your old kitchen or storage units. Isn’t this great? All you need to do is to decide which one from the endless combinations is your favourite one!

upgrade-IKEA-storage-cabinets by superfront design

 Modern look of standard storage unit

superfront-remodel-IKEA-kitchen-cabinets-ideas bright blue front


 Creative leather door handle

superfront-remodel-Ikea-cabinets red front leather handles

 Bright red front door and leather handle

superfront-remodel-Ikea-cabinets red front

 Marvelous colors and endless combination possibilities

superfront-remodel-IKEA-cabinets-bright blue front metal handle

 Attention in every detail – metal and MDF

superfront metal feet-IKEA-storage-cabinets

 Creative design at affordable price

superfront-IKEA-kitchen-storage-cabinets-upgrade blue front

   Fantastic handles in the shape of butterflies

superfront-ikea-cabinets-upgrades butterfly handles

 Butterfly handle – detail

superfront-upgrade-IKEA-cabinetry metal butterfly handle

All cabinets can be upgraded to a new contemporary look

superfront-IKEA-storage-cabinets-upgrade pale green front

 Different designs give various options

superfront ikea cabinet upgrades white front

superfront design for-IKEA-storage-cabinets-white front metal handles

superfront cabinetry design-iKEA-cabinets white front

remodel upgrade-IKEA-cabinetry living room storage cabinets white pink

superfront-upgrade-IKEA-cabinetry metal handle detail

remodel-IKEA-wardrobe contemporary design white front by superfront

modern interior design ideas remodel IKEA cabinets

superfront-IKEA-kitchen storage-cabinets-upgrade blue

IKEA-cabinets-remodel-marvelous front-design superfront white

creative home interior-design-reasonable price white-cabinet-front by superfront



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