Rustic light fixtures – simplicity, coziness and romantic charm

by Kremy

rustic light fixtures dining room decoration brick wall black metal chandelier

Rustic light fixtures are the ideal choice for homes decorated in country, Shabby chic, Provence, Tuscany and Mediterranean style. You can see them in log cabins, mountain villas or beach houses and their simplicity and charm adds to the atmosphere of coziness of the home. Whether chandeliers, wall sconces, table or floor lamps, have the main characteristics of rustic style – simplicity and lack of pretentiousness. They blend harmoniously in home decors based on natural materials – brick, wood, stone and metal – as well as neutral colors like shades of green, beige, various shades of brown, etc.

How to choose rustic light fixtures – materials and designs

rustic kitchen lighting exposed ceiling beams


Very often rustic style is characterized as being a nostalgic touch which takes us back to the past times and is focused on the harmony with Nature. Exposed solid wood ceiling beams are a typical feature of rustic homes as well as rough wooden planks which add a lot of texture to the interior design. When choosing rustic light fixtures you need to consider what materials will work best with the existing decor of your home and try to combine them in a harmonious way. There are different types of light fixtures to choose from:

rustic light fixtures rustic lantern wall sconce rustic decor

Metal lamps shaped as oil lamps. They have a special antique charm and can be used as wall sconces or as light fixtures installed on a wagon wheel or on a wrought iron base.

rustic light fixtures oil lamp chandelier

Wooden light fixtures with unique designs easily become an impressive focal point in any room. Such lamps can be made of reclaimed wood, driftwood, salvaged wood and come in a variety of sizes and models to satisfy every taste.

 small wagon wheel chandelier design

Wagon wheel lighting fixtures are also often used as a spectacular element in a rustic home decor. They are suitable for illuminating larger areas and are a good choice for living rooms and dining rooms.

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Wrought iron lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling on metal chains or ropes are another great option. Wrought iron, as a material, is typical for rustic decors and we see it in fireplace accessories, as a base for coffee tables, etc.

 antler chandelier rustic decor

Of course, antler chandeliers – real or faux –are one of the most popular options for ceiling lighting fixtures in rustic interiors. From modest sized designs to spectacular compositions, antler lighting fixtures will never remain unnoticed.

Rustic light fixtures – unique designs to complement your home

original rustic light fixtures creative decor ideas chandelier

Like any other type of light fixtures, rustic light fixtures should perform their main function – provide sufficient light. However, their decorative and aesthetic value often prevails over the practical function. In a rustic home interior you need to choose the right lighting fixtures not only for the main living areas – the living room and kitchen, but for the bedroom, bathroom, eventually for a home office. It is important to achieve an authentic look, so keep to light fixtures made of natural materials and avoid plastic and stainless steel.

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wrought iron chandelier kitchen lighting

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solid wood reclaimed wood light fixture

rustic lighting wagon wheel chandelier candle shaped light bulbs

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