Small Front Porch Decor Ideas: Make Your Outdoor Space Look Stylish!

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We all dream of that large front porch that we see in the movies, with the rocking chairs and big swings, pillows everywhere and beautiful handing flowers. However, we can all agree that not everyone is blessed with a lot of square feet. But that doesn’t mean we cannot take advantage of our small outdoor spaces and turn them into something beautiful! The good news is that we have gathered some small front porch decor ideas that are both stylish and trendy!

Small Front Porch Decor Ideas: Make Your Outdoor Space Look Stylish

i shaped small front porch decoration ideas with flowers

This is one of the smallest types of front porches and they are actually called “portico”. The word is Italian and means small porch. The structure doesn’t really allow us to go over the top with decoration, however there are tiny things that we can place here and there. Trust me, they will make a huge difference, as you can see on the photo! Starting with flowers, lanterns and a small chair, you can make it cozy and homey. Instead of a wreath, you can place a straw bag, where you can put fresh flowers every day in the Summer!

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

wooden pallet ideas for a front porch outdoor decoration


Depending on your front porch and how much space you have, you can put a small wooden bench with fluffy pillows. Another great idea that will compliment the entire ambiance is the wooden pallet shelf for flowers. Now it is super trendy to reuse wooden pallets and the good news is that you can DIY everything! It is cheap, it looks stylish and it is easy to make! If you want to make it colorful, you can paint it with a color that you love. Lanterns and flowers are a must here! When your guests arrive, that is the first thing that they will see, which will make them feel cozy before even entering the house!

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How to Decorate a Small Front Porch for Summer?

small front porch decorating ideas on a budget

There is nothing better in Spring and Summer than flowers. They bring color into our everyday lives and inspire us. If you want to bring brightness into your outdoor space, then your front porch definitely needs them! The idea with the rain boots is lovely! It truly looks like a piece of art. You can incorporate black elements as well, which will allow the yellow and white to stand out even more! Match the pillows with the vase or the boots. For a cozier atmosphere, place a tiny rug right in front of your front door!

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What Should I Put on My Small Front Porch?

Decorating is fun, but you also have to think about how to make your small front porch functional as well. Let’s face it, there’s no space for you to put large sofas with tables and big furniture. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t place anything at all. Just opt for something small and comfortable at the same time – a small coffee table with two chairs is the perfect solution! You can also decorate with hanging flowers or flower pots, lanterns and candles. Curtains will do the job of complementing the ambiance and the appearance of the porch. Avoid large flower pots, because it can make your small space look even tinier.

how to decorate my small porch furniture and decor ideas

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget

small front porch ideas on a budget rustic decoration exterior design ideas 2023

Do you want to decorate your small front porch without having to spend a lot of money? Don’t worry, if you are on a budget, here comes the DIY ideas! You can grab a big piece of wood and turn it into a small bench. Throw some pillows and you will have the perfect piece of furniture for your front porch.

How to Decorate a Small Front Porch Farmhouse Style?

how to make a small front porch look nice

Farmhouse style is getting a lot of popularity in the exterior and interior design world. What it is known for?  There are a lot of wooden elements, that are both practical and fashionable. Big straw chairs are great, but are they the best option for your small front porch? It all depends on the placement and how much space you actually have. Match them with a small table, throw on a soft blanket. Add a lantern and plants! You can also place a rug in rustic style.

Small Front Porch Decor Ideas 2023

front porch decor 2023 exterior design wooden bench diy simple

Small Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

small front porch decor ideas for fall

Very Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

very small front porch ideas decorating tips

Tiny Front Porch Decor Ideas: Outdoor Furniture Rustic Style

outdoor small front porch decorating ideas 2023

Simple Front Porch Decor Ideas

simple small front porch idea with a bench and pillows

What Furniture to Put on a Small Porch?

what furniture to put on a small front porch

DIY Ideas for a Front Porch: Paint Your Door in a Bright Trendy Color!

simple front porch ideas for decoration

Very Small Front Porch Ideas for Summer 2023

simple small front porch decor ideas wooden patio with chairs and flowers

I-Shaped Small Front Porch Decor Ideas

tiny front porch decor outdoor exterior design landscape

Put Two Small Chairs on Your Small Porch for a Cozy Atmosphere!

tiny porch outdoor space decoration for summer 2023

How to Decorate a Very Small Porch?

patio furniture for small front porch

Put a Small Swing on Your Front Porch

swing for a small front porch decor ideas

Add Accessories That Are Ideal for The Summer

front porch accessories outdoor design decorating ideas

Small Chairs for a Front Porch: Decor Ideas 2023

small chairs for a front porch decor ideas 2023

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