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A Spanish style kitchen has a warm and sunny atmosphere, it is light, cozy and welcoming and should inspire thoughts of the hot Mediterranean summer. Mediterranean style kitchen designs include Spanish, Italian, Greek and Moroccan features. Furniture may include elegant French or mysterious Egyptian elements. A mysterious oriental flavor is also present, often as an ornament, decoration or in textiles. This warm and colorful style, combines features of cultures of different countries located near the Mediterranean Sea and is the embodiment of coziness and hospitality. How to create such a mood? What are the main features of Spanish style? We shall give you the basic rules and guidelines that will help you create the authentic atmosphere of a Spanish kitchen.

What are the basic features of Spanish style kitchen interiors?

Mediterranean style kitchen Spanish decor amazing barrel vault ceiling

As we mentioned, the main idea of Spanish style interiors is to create a feeling of family home comfort. This type of interior design is often chosen by temperamental and sociable people who feel good in warm and even in hot summers and in such a kitchen they will feel quite comfortable. Spanish style looks best in country houses but it is not impossible to design a small kitchen in a city apartment in this style. Being a part of the Mediterranean style, Spanish interiors are characterized with the following features:

Mediterranean style kitchen ideas decor and furniture

  • Hospitable and inviting atmosphere – This is typical for Mediterranean style where kitchens are spacious and comfortable so that visitors can feel as if they are at home.
  • Simplicity and functionality – every item in the kitchen has not only a decorative meaning, but has its own individual purpose. The main idea is to have more free space and only the necessary set of accessories and furniture.
  • Simple decoration – Expensive and elaborate objects are unacceptable in such interiors. Everything should indicate that the kitchen is easy-to-use. Furniture utensils are practical and this rule also applies to surface finishes of walls, floor and ceiling.
  • Predominance of tile – tiles can be used on the entire surface of the walls and is typical for the floor.
  • Massive wooden furniture with simple and unpretentious carvings. Cabinets and a dining furniture can be in different colors but in the same style.
  • Natural finishing materials, mainly ceramic tiles and plaster. Various types of wood, stone, glass and ceramics, wrought iron accessories, clay figurines and dishes, wicker baskets are also typical.
  • Contrasting, but natural colors. Very often you can see kitchen interiors in blue and white, green and sand and creamy tones. These natural shades cause positive emotions.
  • Arched structures. It can be an unusual window opening, beautifully decorated with wood or artificial stone, the entrance to the kitchen, etc.

Spanish style kitchen interior ideas and design techniques

Spanish style kitchen with dome shaped ceiling and spectacular chandelier

Based on the main characteristics and features of Spanish style you can create beautiful interior designs that welcome family and visitors into a warm and cozy room.

There are several options for decorating the walls, rough stucco, stone, etc. Perhaps the most popular color is ivory but this does not mean that other colors will be less expressive, or the interior will lose its style. You can use pale yellow, cream, olive, beige and its variations, delicate pink, light brown, etc. As you can see, light colors dominate, as they are associated with natural coolness that is so needed in Spanish kitchens.

Spanish style kitchen interior is characterized with simplicity and roughness. This allows you to choose the most unpretentious natural materials for the decoration of the kitchen. The main goal is to combine colors and shades harmoniously. For the walls and ceiling, it is better to use light and warm colors like white, cream, beige, sand, etc. They will create the backdrop for the rest of the decor. Usually, the floor is dark – solid wood, tile or porcelain tile with a spectacular antique design. If your kitchen is spacious and high, the ceiling can be decorated with exposed wooden beams as they are one of the most characteristic features of the Mediterranean style. Original ceiling designs turn into the central element of the design concept.

spanish style kitchen design ideas decoration and furniture

Windows in Spanish cuisine always stand out against the background of the wall, so choose a trim color that contrasts with the wall finish. Curtains are usually not used but you can install Roman curtains made of dense and colorful fabric. And for those who live in a private house, you can install beautiful carved wood shutters.

The layout of Spanish style kitchen designs is usually very simple. As a rule, this is a linear set of cabinets and an island in the center. A bulky hood is above the stove and you can even create a small niche for the stove, decorating it with stone or stucco molding to create an imitation of a hearth.

Looking at photos of Spanish style kitchens, you will notice that all the furniture, even in modern interiors, is made of natural wood. Moreover, it is mainly dark in color, with wide panels or carvings which give it a touch of antiquity and a special charm. The choice of dining furniture follows the principle that the kitchen is not just a place for preparing meals and consuming food. This is a place where the whole family gathers to chat and generally have a good time. The dining table is wooden, solid, square or rectangular. You will need comfortable chairs with high and straight backs as well as a soft sofa – as large as you can fit in your kitchen. The deliberate roughness of forms and simplicity of furniture design must be balanced by a beautiful finish. It can be genuine leather or upholstery fabric. Embroidered covers and chair covers, as well as small pillows with intricate ornaments will be perfect. One of the most recognizable features of Spanish style kitchens is a large island with a sink, located in the center of the room.

Accessories and decorative elements in Spanish style kitchen designs

What are the basic features of Spanish style kitchen interiors

Accessories and decorative elements include Spanish motifs in warm colors made of raw and natural materials. The main task is to create an atmosphere of a warm home. Contrasting color spots against the background of the neutral decoration attract the eye.

Solid wood open shelves can be used to display beautiful dishes, jars of spices, jugs and teapots, traditional for the kitchen.

Choose an antique looking sink made of brass, copper, bronze, artificial stone or ceramics.

A large wrought iron chandelier on chains will be the perfect lighting fixture in a Spanish style kitchen. It can be replaced by large lamps in a metal case with copper, brass or bronze finish.

Forged accessories, cups and candlesticks, simple beautiful containers and bottles, as well as multi-colored area rugs on the floor, paintings on the walls are the decorative elements that will give the specific atmosphere in the kitchen. Wicker baskets filled with herbs, fruits, etc. will fit in perfectly.

Spanish style kitchen interior is characterized with simplicity

We have to mention that Spanish style differs in different regions. Traveling to different parts of Spain, you will notice that the farther south the region is, the brighter the interior, the more colors are used in the design, the more open space in houses and apartments.

Temperamental and emotional Andalusians prefer bright and dynamic interiors. A distinctive feature of the Spanish design in Andalusia is its color. Yellow, red and black colors dominate in the design and you can see them in mosaics, ornaments, colored ceramics, etc.

Interior design in Catalonia is more restrained. The design is dominated by light neutral tones and dark accents in furniture and accessories. One of the most popular trends in interior design in Catalonia is stone walls. This is due to the fact that many buildings have preserved the original brickwork, which is a historical monument, the homeowner’s pride, as well as an interesting interior solution.

The geographical location and climatic features of the Basque region of Spain determined the distinctive features of its interior. The interior design of Spanish houses in the Basque Country is distinguished by small windows with wooden shutters that serve as reliable protection from the wind. Furniture and decor elements are made of wood or iron. Most homes have a fireplace or stove. The interior design is dominated by dark red tones.

spanish kitchens design ideas decoration furniture tips

In conclusion, we can say that Spanish style kitchens look very attractive. Coziness and hospitality are the main characteristics of such interiors. This is a place where you want to stay and enjoy the delights of daily life. The harmonious mixture colors and materials create extremely cozy and elegant kitchens with relaxed atmosphere.




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