DIY home office organization ideas to create a comfortable workspace

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DIY home office organization ideas will help you not only find a suitable spot for your desk, but organize the workspace efficiently. The need to create the perfect work environment at home has grown enormously. Due to the COVID pandemic many people have to work from home and face the problem of organizing a functional and comfortable office.

To many, it is more difficult to concentrate and focus on the work activities at home simply because there are many distracting factors. It is normal that you are tempted to lie down on the sofa, it is understandable that you have to prepare lunch for your family, it is logical that you need to keep an eye at the children and in the end of the day, you may find out that you have not done much work. It is well known that a well-organized home office improves creativity and productivity. We will tell you how to organize a home office and not lose concentration during the day.

DIY home office organization ideas – find the right spot for your work area

Home office storage ideas and desk organizers

Finding a suitable place in the house to organize a comfortable work area is one of the most difficult tasks. On the first place, your home office should blend into the interior, it must provide comfortable working environment and at the same time not cause inconvenience to other family members. A functional home office must have sufficient space, outlets and lighting, as well as storage for documents, correspondence and office supplies.

easy and effective DIY home office organization ideas


Basically, there are two options – use a separate room as a home office or organize a working space as a functional area in the bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. Most often home offices are equipped in bedrooms or in converted closets. Of course, you can arrange a workspace in the living room or in the kitchen, but how convenient it will be for all household members? When looking for the right place for your home office try to estimate how much space you need for comfortable work. A home office can be very tiny, but very convenient. A room (or a workspace) with a minimum of distractions, natural light and fresh air is ideal for work.

Home office furniture and organization system ideas

Home office furniture and DIY organization system ideas

When choosing a desk or a worktop, keep in mind that the size of the table allows you to comfortably place a computer, printer or other office equipment that you use daily. Before buying a desk, be sure to take its measurements and check them with the measurements of the room where it should stand. Do not forget that in addition to the desk, you will also need to put a chair. To understand how much space you will need in general, you should sum the width of the table top + space for a chair and add about 35 cm with the expectation that you will need to move the seat in order to leave the table.

storage and organization ideas for home office

Storage system is equally important. It is essential that you have everything you need at hand in your home office. DIY home office organization ideas come really useful as they offer creative ways for storing papers, stationery and other accessories. There are many options – tables with drawers and cabinets, separate mobile cabinets, shelves and racks, wall organizers, etc. Regular bookshelves can be replaced with a simple wooden ladder with wide steps. If you’re running out of space, use your walls more effectively – hang a few simple shelves above eye level and place the papers in pretty boxes. You can use a railing above the table or any other holder with hooks on which you can hang scissors, a punch, etc. A wooden jewelry box is a good idea for storing paper clips, stickers, pencils, and other small office supplies.

DIY office organizers creative ideas with cheap materials

The importance of organizing your home office desk space is indisputable. Only relevant documents, books and materials should be on the table. Those papers that you do not need all the time should be removed. If space permits, it is a good idea to create two zones – one for working on a computer and a second zone for writing or reading. An organizer or file cabinet helps you keep everything in one place. Color coding can be helpful too. Before you get down to business, search the Internet for ready-made design solutions – you will find many modern, practical, space-saving ideas for categorizing and storing paper documents.

how to organize a home office DIY ideas

Add a personal touch to your home office. You can experiment with colors, shades, materials and decoration as long as they are not in conflict with the overall design concept of your home. Living plants, macrame, wicker baskets, natural wood and cork will add a natural touch to the home office.



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how to organize your home office DIY storage ideas

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DIY home office wall organization system

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