Trespa panels –transform the facade into something extraordinary

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Trespa panels have earned a reputation as one of the best architectural panels and are used as a cladding material which gives any building an unexpected, original and modern look. Trespa International is a company, based in Weert, the Netherlands and its products are internationally recognized for the high quality. The company holds a leading position in the development and production of high-quality HPL panels for outdoor and interior applications. Founded in 1960, the experience and expertise, the development of innovative technologies and new products have granted the company a leading position in the manufacturing of high quality panels.


What are Trespa panels?


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Trespa panels are high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels with a decorated surface on one or both sides, manufactured using a unique technology – Electron Beam Curing (EBC – Electron Beam Curing). The technology is developed by Trespa International B.V. The manufacturing process turns a mixture of wood fibres and resins into a high impact resistant, stable building material with exceptionally high strength. The unique Electron Beam Curing technology enhances the weather resistance properties of the HPL panels and they are manufactured in different colors, providing an opportunity to implement any design ideas. They are used for interior decoration and for facades.


Why choose Trespa panels


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When looking for a suitable cladding material which meets the highest criteria for durability, outstanding appearance and quality, Trespa panels offer all that plus additional benefits like impact resistance and mechanical wear properties. Many global architectural designs have taken advantage of the proven functionality and aesthetic value of the facade panels.

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Lightweight is a major advantage as it allows to use them as a finishing material on buildings with load limitations.

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Trespa products do not absorb water, have a high resistance to aggressive chemical agents and do not burn. The resins in the material make the HPL very solid and the risk of peeling or separation of the layers under the influence of the surrounding environment is reduced to zero.

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The linear expansion is minimal and they withstand extreme temperatures variations from -20 ° C to + 80 ° C. The panels do not absorb dirt and are easy to clean.

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In terms of color options, customers have a choice from a huge selection of colors – more than 50 different options and 4 types of surface coating.

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Trespa Meteon are decorative high-pressure compact laminate boards designed external cladding of facades, balconies, ceilings, residential, public, industrial buildings, sports centers, shopping, entertainment, office buildings, medical institutions, schools, etc. They are manufactured in a variety of colors, textures and finishes, ecologically clean and environmentally friendly, chemically neutral, fireproof, durable and resistant to moisture. Manufactured and processed with the patented Electron Beam Curing technology, Trespa Meteon cladding combines reliability and extraordinary visual aesthetics and are developed for efficient use in ventilated facade systems or they can be used as a separate facade cladding material or in combination with other materials.


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