What Color to Wear in Fall According to Your Zodiac Sign?

by Stephanie Yankova

Did you know that there is a color for each astrological sign that resonates with their unique personality? Would you like to discover the psychology behind them and how they can influence your mood? Find out what color to wear in fall according to your zodiac sign to help you manifest positive energy throughout the whole season! 

What Color to Wear in Fall According to Your Zodiac Sign?

what color to wear in fall based on astrological sign

Does Gemini feel their best in pink? Can orange affect the mood of Leos? Each sign of the zodiac has a corresponding color that has the ability to instantly uplift their mood when they wear it. Let’s embark on this colorful journey and find out which shade will bring you luck this fall!

Aries, Red Becomes You

best fall color aries women bold red

The fiery Aries feel at home when they wear red. Ardent, passionate, and energetic, it fuels their strong will and emotions! Red being the IT color of the season only makes it more tempting for the natives to add it to their everyday attire. Whether you choose to style it with an accessory, a colorful piece of jewelry, or wear a head-to-toe hot red outfit, it’s bound to make you feel like the main character of your life (who you already know you are).

Bold Green for the Earthy Taurus

best color to wear in fall taurus green

As a Venus-ruled earth sign, Taurus loves to indulge in the finer things in life. They have a knack for good aesthetics and their pragmatic and earthy nature feels most comfortable in the company of the color green. If you want to give your natural positive qualities a boost this season, astrologers suggest putting on a bold bright green garment and watching the good omens unravel before you!

G for Gray (and Gemini)

what color to wear in the fall gemini shades of gray

The funny, intelligent, adventurous, and airy Geminis are asked to mellow down their appearance this fall by adopting a more neutral wardrobe in shades of gray. Your bold personality is your best accessory, and wearing this minimalist color will allow it to really shine through!

Cancers Will be a Vision in White

fall color based on zodiac sign cancer white

Cancer is under the rulership of the Moon, which makes it one of the most feminine and sensitive signs of the zodiac. Their pure heart and deep soul best resonate with the color white. To elevate your fall outfits you can also incorporate pastel shades of brown, pink, and gray.

Leo’s Radiant Yellow

best fall color zodiac sign leo yellow

Sunny and regal, the Leo natives love being in the spotlight, illuminating everyone around them. They have a natural star-like presence which, although many people think resonates best with the color red, is actually best represented through different shades of yellow! Gold accents and accessories are also a good addition!

Got a Brown Magic Woman, and She’s a Virgo

what color to wear in fall virgo shades of brown

There’s no better color that resonates with Virgo’s grounded, nourishing, and earthy personality than brown. Just like trees take root in the earth that gives back and nourishes all plants, this zodiac sign likes to have its feet on the ground, giving comfort and stability to others.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue for the Libra Crew

most suitable fall color each zodiac sign libra sky blue

The best way for this romantic, air sign to tap into its positive and creative energy during the gray and gloomy fall is to adorn itself in bright shades of blue!

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Dipped in All-Black for Scorpio Season

fall color based on zodiac sign scorpio black classy suit

This may come as no surprise, but Scorpio’s mystical and passionate temperament is best reflected in the color black! Even if you choose not to rock in head-to-toe black attire, wearing little black or leather statement pieces is also a good way for you to channel your inner power!

Sagittarius, Your Power Resides in Orange

fall color for sagittarius women orange

Have you ever seen a dull Sagittarius? Whether it’s because they don’t like to show it to the public, or they simply denounce this state of being, you’ll never see these fiery natives spread negative energy! If you want to boost your luck, creativity, and vital aura even more, add a pop of orange to your outfit and watch it work its magic!

In the Fall, Capricorns Wear Pink

fall color palette zoiac sign capricorn pop of pink

I know this is probably the least favorite color for most of you, however, you will be surprised to find out how beneficial it can be to your mood and overall well-being! You hard-working, tough Capricorn cookies need a little bit of love and warmth in your life, too. When your schedule is too busy to go out on dates, adding a dash of pink to your outfit will do the trick just fine!

Dark Aqua Blue for my Aquarius Boos

double dark denim navy blue fall color aquarius

The penetrating mind, deep stare, and mysterious aura of the Aquarius natives are further enhanced when they wear dark blue colors. This is a great chance for you to explore one of the leading fashion trends of fall – double denim. Nothing boosts this air sign’s confidence quite like a dark Canadian tuxedo!

Pisces Will be Walking in the Purple Rain

mystical purple best fall color pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is characterized by deeply sensual, feminine, otherworldly energy. The color purple represents, magic, mystery, nobility, and creativity and suits their profound emotions and spirituality perfectly!

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