What to Do on Halloween Night – the Best Tips for October 31st

by Kremy

Halloween is one of the most mystical holidays. For many people, this is the perfect time to throw a party and have fun with friends and family. Others prefer to stay at home. Either way, if you are asking yourself what to do on Halloween night, we have some suggestions for you.

What to Do on Halloween Night – Pick a Theme for Your Spooky Evening

What to Do On Halloween Night

If you plan a party or a quiet evening with the kids, choose a theme for your Halloween night! You can choose any theme that will make the night memorable. It is best to ask the children help with the theme and then organize all activities – decoration, dinner, dessert around their choice.

What to Do On Halloween Night Pick a Theme for Your Evening


It could be the family’s favorite Halloween movie or simply some of the holiday’s symbols – witches, spiders, black cat, zombie, vampire, monster, Frankenstein, Jack-O-Lantern, etc.

Wear Halloween Costumes

Family costumes ideas circus theme

Celebrating Halloween is a great opportunity to dress up as someone else. Dressing up is fun and you can get really creative. Do not miss this opportunity to wear scary or funny costumes and make this Halloween night unforgettable.

Halloween Face Paint and Makeup

Halloween Face Paint and Makeup

Halloween Face paint is a huge fun for kids. You can choose an image from the Internet or think of suitable makeup coordinated with the costumes.

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating

Carving pumpkins is a tradition and one of the most popular Halloween crafts and activities. It is a great way to spend time with friends or with your kids. Go to the market, buy several pumpkins and start carving spooky or funny faces. If your children are too small, then let them decorate the pumpkins with paint, stickers, googly eyes, sharpies, etc.

What to Do on Halloween Night – Decorate Your Home

What to Do On Halloween Night Decorate Your Home

Decorating for Halloween will set the mood for the night! You can choose decoration as per the chosen theme, or simply use some of the pumpkin lanterns that you made. Add decorations such as skeletons, spider or bats suspended from the ceiling, fake blood on the walls, spider webs, etc. You can transform your home into a haunted house this year, for example, and have fun time with the children decorating with fake spider webs, candles, skeletons, etc. Another idea is to decorate your home in Halloween colors – orange, black, white, green.

Halloween table decorating ideas

Do not forget to decorate the dining room and table! Choose a special tablecloth and napkins, add a centerpiece and decorations like bones, skulls, ghosts, spiders, mummies, pumpkins, bats, etc. These details will add to the mood and will set the atmosphere of your Halloween night.

Halloween Movie Marathon

Halloween Movie Marathon

A movie night is a great idea. There are hundreds of scary movies to choose from so you will surely find something for the whole family. With some popcorns or Halloween–themed treats, you will have a great time.

Organize a Scary Story Contest

Organize a Scary Story Contest

Scary stories are a classic part of the traditional Halloween night. You can organize a contest for the scariest story.

Halloween Craft Night

Halloween Craft Night creative activities

If you still wonder what to do on Halloween night, have a spooky craft contest. With hundreds of DIY projects and craft ideas for kids, you can spend hours making decorations for home, for the dining table, for the mantelpiece, etc. From paper crafts to stone painting – there are numerous craft projects to choose from.

Prepare Halloween Themed Snacks, Desserts and Tasty Treats

Prepare Halloween Themed Snacks and Treats

Nothing makes an evening really special like a specially prepared meal. Halloween won’t be Halloween without delicious and creepy looking treats. Have your kids help you make some really fun food – ghost pizza, vampire spaghetti, spooky cupcakes, skeleton cookies, monster sandwiches, marshmallow ghosts, etc. Children live decorating cookies and cupcakes. Prepare some icing or frosting and have fun creating spooky and creepy Halloween treats!

Make Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Make Spooky Halloween Cocktails

A Halloween night without drinks? No, of course not! Prepare non-alcoholic cocktails for you kids. You can wrap the glasses with gauze strips to make them look like mummies or add spiders, eyeballs, plastic vampire teeth, etc. into the drink. Make sure that small children do not have anything in the glass, as small decorations can create a choking hazard.




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