2023 shoe trends: What shoes will be popular among the fashionistas this year?

by Gabby

If you ask me what is the thing I love to buy, I’ll tell you right away it’s shoes. They’ve always been a passion of mine since I was a little kid, and an integral part of my daily routine was putting on my mom’s heels and walking around the house in them. Grown up girls love beautiful shoes no less and are always happy to replenish their wardrobe with stylish new items. So let’s think about what we can add to our collections in 2023 to be fashionable. Today we are going to discuss 2023 shoe trends and how to wear them with style!

shoe trends 2023 platform heels the new hits and what shoes will be popular in the new year how to wear them

What shoes will be popular in 2023?

In 2023, the shoes that will be most popular according to fashion designers are platforms, loafers and black knee-high boots with a thin heel. Designers say that this year you should not be afraid of bold experiments. They also advise matching your shoes to your outfit and playing with shades and contrasts. You can also create striking accents with rich colors. A lot of the shoes that were popular back in the day will be a huge hit in 2023, for example the Mary Janes.

chunky loafers aesthetic how to wear them black color shoes in 2023


2023 shoe trends: Soccer sneakers

soccer sneakers hailey bieber bella hadid shoe trends 2023 how to wear them in style

This type of sneaker by the popular brand Adidas has been on the market for quite some time, but of course became very popular in 2022 due to the fact that our favorite models Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid chose to wear them in their everyday life. Hailey Bieber has mentioned in interviews that she loves these type of “dad sneakers” and wears them quite often, sometimes even with a jacket and pants. This year we will be seeing a lot more of them as it is one of the most comfortable choices you can look stylish with.

Metallic boots

metallic gold boots over the knee trendy shoes in 2023 how to wear them outfit ideas

As I have mentioned many times before, 2023 will be the year of bold fashion choices and experimentation. Don’t bow down to being a “plain Jane” as one of my favorite colleagues likes to say. If you want to be an absolute fashion icon in 2023, you must have metallic boots in your wardrobe. Whether gold or silver, it doesn’t matter because you’ll definitely be freaked out at how easy they are to pair with basically anything.

2023 shoe trends: Mary Janes

mary janes shoes trendy in 2023 how to wear them what is in style popular ideas


Many of the things that have been semi-polar in the past are back in full force. That’s great because I love the 18th century and I think fashion was great all those years. Mary Jane shoes that give a schoolgirl vibe will be all the rage in 2023. Closed-toed, low-cut Mary Janes typically have one or more straps that cross the instep. The Mary Jane may be traced back to King Henry VIII. The traditional Mary Jane comes in black (occasionally patent) leather and became the iconic shoe to wear with your school uniform. Since that time, Mary Jane—a representation of girlhood who was both mischievous and nice—has left the schoolyard. Sara Jessica Parker, our fashion girl, is definitely a fan of this trend as she was seen wearing them in her daily outfits.

cowboy boots how to wear them outfit ideas what will be trendy in 2023

Are cowboy boots still in style 2023?

Cowboy boots were certainly a total hit in 2022 and we saw them in many different styles on the fashion runways, as well as in the affordable fashion industry. If you’re thinking of implementing them into your style in 2023, you absolutely won’t go wrong. The trend with these boots will be even more popular this year. You can pair them with dresses, jeans, shorts and blazers and much more.

Wednesday Addams shoes

Wednesday Addams shoes aestetics style loafers platform heels

Speaking of trends, we can’t help but mention Wednesday Addams. This series on Netflix became a super trend and exploded on the internet and everywhere on social media. A lot of people as well including me fell in love with her gothic style which is very classy and measured. What are the Wednesday Adams shoes that will be popular in 2023? The answer is simple, it’s platform loafers, platform heels and heavy platform boots, and make sure they’re in black! This is a must! If you want to dive into the whole Wednesday Addams aesthetic, learn how to do her hair.

Rhinestone shoes

rhinestone shoes boots heels what is trendy in 2023 shiny stilettos

In the last months of 2022, especially for the holidays, shoes with stones and sequins have become very popular. They are suitable for the bolder ladies who manage to cleverly experiment with their looks and outfits. Very daring, elegant and shiny, this kind of shoes will be one of the top choices for 2023. It can be heels as well as boots, loafers, sandals, etc.

are uggs still in style 2023 how to wear them bella hadid way fashion inspiration outfit jeans aviator jacket

Are UGGs in fashion 2023?

If you’re wondering what will be the most wearable shoes for winter 2023, the answer is surely UGGs. They gained incredible popularity in 2022 through Bella Hadid who had paired Ultra Mini platform Uggs with denim shorts, biker jacket and and long white socks. In 2023, you can invest in any model of Uggs you want and combine them in many different ways.

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Ballet flats

ballet flats channel how to wear them are they still trendy in 2023

Ballet flats I thought would be a thing of the past when they were still the most worn shoe by girls in school, but here they are one of the trendiest things for 2023. I wasn’t a big fan when I was little, but somehow things look different now especially when Chanel released their ballet flats model. All the fashionistas want to own them!

2023 shoe trends: Other inspirations

metallic boots silver how to wear them black coat sunnies outfit inspiration for 2023

Big chunky boots 

big chunky white boots shoes trends 2023 how to wear them outfit ideas inspiration

Silver metallic boots 

silver metallic boots jeans tshirt outfit ideas and inspiration

Soccer sneakers

soccer sneakers hailey bieber trends addidas how to wear them 2023 trends shoes

Track shoes 

track shoes women new balance outfit ideas inspiration 2023

Silver knee-high metallic boots 

what shoes are in style in 2023 metallic boots silver color knee high ideas on how to wear them

Cowboy boots with denim shorts 

cowboy boots with denim shorts outfit ideas inspiration

Knee-high brown boots 

knee high brown boots with a heel shoes trends 2023 olivia how to be fashionable

Tiny heel shoes 

tiny heel shoes black whats in style in 2023 what to wear outfit inspo

Rhinestone boots 

what shoes are in style in 2023 trends how to wear them rhinestones shiny heels


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