Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – creative kitchen makeover ideas

by Kremy


Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – the better idea when you think of kitchen renovation. When you are dreaming for a new kitchen but you are on a budget or you simply want to refresh and give new life to the old kitchen cabinets, you can re-stain or re-paint the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets. There are many efficient and creative ways to transform a dated kitchen with a boring interior and turn it into a welcoming, light, bright and modern place. We shall focus your attention on chalk paint as many people love the stylish look of the chalk paint kitchen cabinets and painting your cabinets instead of replacing them will save you time, labor and money.



What is chalk paint and how it is different from other paints? Chalk paint was designed by Annie Sloan and is exceptionally suitable for painting furniture. The paint was especially developed as a versatile paint which can be applied without a prior sanding and priming. Customers embraced the idea of giving a beautiful distressed look to their furniture without much effort and complex techniques. Chalk paint covers easily and dries quickly and is a perfect choice for a DIY kitchen renovation project and update old furniture with minimal effort, without dust.


Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – why choose chalk paint?



In every kitchen the cabinets are a main element, they are always visible and set the atmosphere and ambience of the whole interior. It is inevitable that they lose their appeal with time and need to be updated. You can replace them, change the facade or paint them in a new color and give a completely new look of your kitchen and make it more attractive and up to date. How to choose the best paint from the thousands of furniture paints on the market? Why opt for chalk paint kitchen cabinets?


What are the advantages of chalk paint? On the first place – the matte (chalky) finish. It gives a beautiful patina and character to the cabinets and a fantastic antique look. Of course, if you prefer a glossier look, you can add a satin finish for a contemporary appearance but if you are going for a perfect, brand new, smooth finished look, it is better to choose some other paint. Chalk painted kitchen cabinets have a vintage look and will work for Shabby chic kitchen interiors, for example. Chalk paint is sealed with furniture wax or other furniture sealers which will guarantee that they will retain their beauty for a long time.

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Another great advantage is that painting with chalk paint does not require initial preparation. In case your kitchen cabinets are really worn out, you could sand them prior painting, but if they are in a good condition, you can skip that step. Applying two coats of chalk paint on the kitchen cabinets will give you a uniform and smooth cover without traces of brush strokes. Painting kitchen cabinets with chalk paint can be done with a brush or a paint roller depending on the effect you want to achieve. Chalk paint is offered in a variety of colors – rich earthy tones, neutral colors, soft pastel colors and you can create a beautiful kitchen color scheme which will reflect your personal taste and preferences.

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Like with any other project, painting kitchen cabinets with chalk paint requires some planning in advance so that you manage and complete the task without much problems and headache. It is always advisable to sand the kitchen cabinets, although it is not a requirement. Depending on the number of cabinets you have to paint, the project may take one to three days, plus time to wait for the paint to dry and apply a finish afterwards.

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The cost of chalk paint is another factor that you need to consider. You can go and buy it from a store or you can opt for a chalk paint recipe and mix your own chalk paint. There are many ideas and recipes, some of them use baking soda, others – plaster or grout. However, do not forget, that chalk paint dries relatively fast and if you work on a bigger project it is best if you use the paint in portions.


Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – an excellent DIY project for kitchen cabinet renovation



Once you plan a DIY chalk paint kitchen cabinets project, you should follow a few steps so that the final result is pleasing to the eye and the kitchen is warm, friendly and welcoming.


On the first place – measure out the cabinets so that you know how much paint you are going to need. Decide whether you will choose more than one color – many homeowners prefer two-tone kitchens, and if that is the case, choose colors that will work together and will be in harmony with the rest of the colors in the kitchen interior.


Before using chalk paint on cabinets, make sure that the surface is clean. Wipe down the cabinet doors, as well as the inside to make sure there are no grease stains. If you wish to sand the surface – just do it, although it is not a must for chalk paint.


Apply the first coat of paint using a brush, paint roller or a sponge. You need to realize that chalk paint looks and feels differently from latex or oil-based paints and may look streaky. Let the paint dry completely.


Apply a second coat of paint and you will notice that the brush streaks will disappear and you will get a uniform look. Let it dry before you proceed with waxing.


The finishing touch is applying a wax over the surface of the paint. Do not try to speed the waxing process, although the application of wax is easy take your time as this is the protective coat of your cabinets.









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