DIY bed frame – creative ideas for original bedroom furniture

by Kremy

DIY platform bed frame reclaimed wood

DIY bed frame ideas come in a variety of materials and are a good option for project lovers who would like to use their creativity and also save money on the purchase of a factory product. In addition, the DIY approach will be a good idea when you need, for example, a double bed or a non-standard shape or size of the frame. However, if you are not confident in your skills and your experience as a DIY-er, have a look at the photos and decide for yourself whether it is worthwhile to try on yourself as a carpenter or welder.


DIY bed frame ideas – Where to begin from?


DIY bed frame reclaimed wood beds wooden beds


As every project, a DIY bed frame project begins with good planning. You need to choose the right material. You can choose from solid wood species, metal, used pallets, plywood, etc. The choice of material will be determined by the style of your furniture and the overall design concept for the bedroom. It is necessary to decide whether it will be a platform bed, whether you need a single or double structure, choose the type of headboard and determine the number and shape of the supports (in other words, the legs). As far as legs are concerned – think whether they will be round or flat or if you have chosen a platform bed, you will not have legs at all. At this stage it is a good idea to draw a sketch of the future bed and all of its elements to correctly calculate the amount of material required. You also need to think of the mattress itself. Obviously, the size of the mattress will be decisive for the size of the frame.


DIY bed frame ideas – choosing the material

modern bedroom design ideas wooden platform bed

When choosing the material for your DIY bed frame you need to consider the options which will work with the interior design of your bedroom. Wood, metal, palettes – each of these has its advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different decors.

DIY bed frame on legs furniture ideas for bedroom

One of the most common materials used in making beds, and any kind of furniture is, of course, wood. Natural, environmentally friendly and safe raw materials will always be the most preferred option. Try not to use chipboard or low-quality plywood, it is better to choose solid wood. When selecting boards, make sure that they are free of cracks and dents, the wood should be flat and well dried and the boards themselves – ground. It is not necessary to buy boards from valuable wood species – pine will also do. Plywood can be used as an alternative to wood. This material is not so reliable, but it has a much lower cost.

wood pallets bed with storage diy furniture ideas

For fans of original solutions, an interesting option would be a bed frame made of pallets. The easiest option is to fasten the pallets in one or two rows. A DIY bed frame from wooden pallets is a budget friendly option as you can often get the pallets for fee.

industrial bedroom furniture ideas

Metal pipes or profiles are another option when you choose the material for your bed frame. Metal is a durable and strong material but you need to have some knowledge and experience to work with it.



solid wood furniture ideas bed frame with lamellas

industrial bedroom furniture ideas industrial style decor with pipe bed

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how to make a bed frame wood furniture ideas

easy DIY platform bed ideas furniture projects

DIY wood bed frames modern furniture ideas

DIY poster bed ideas metal wood bed frame

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DIY bed frame metal industrial style design

contemporary bedroom furniture platform bed


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