How to dress for the holidays in 2022? Jill Biden outfits will give you the inspiration you need!

by Gabby

After the elections in 2020, all eyes were not only on Joe Biden, the president, but also the First Lady – Jill Biden. She certainly made a lot of statements with all of her outfits, which perfectly combine the corporate with the fashion trends. Dr Jill Biden is a woman, who not only make appearances in the politician world, because of her husband, but she is also a “lifelong educator” as she calls herself on Twitter. The First Lady of America sure knows how to inspire many of us with her outfits, which are such a delight every time we see her. But what are the top Jill Biden outfits that can inspire women over 60 for this year’s holidays? I will present you 10 of the best ideas that you can steal!

Jill Biden outfits: Inspire yourself for these holidays 2022

jill biden outfits inspiration for holidays christmas new year's eve women over 60 fashion

Yes, the First Lady is certainly a fashion inspiration, since most of her looks are very relatable. She always manages to bring the best outfits together and to combine the trendiest colors. Her clothing is easy to imitate. At age of 71, she does not deny the more bright colors, trendy accessories and well-cut dresses. The dressing room of the radiant Jill Biden strikes the right balance between elegance and sophistication. Always sublime and always impeccable, she is admired both in America and abroad for her style and fashion choices. So, a little throwback to 10 of her most gorgeous looks to inspire women over 60 for this year’s holidays!

Forest green dress: Jill Biden outfits

forest green dress jill biden goes back to school outfits first lady of america


Credits: washingtonianmag

This forest green dress will never leave our minds, once we set our eyes on it. It is so elegant, beautiful and mesmerizing. It is created by the American designer Brandon Maxwell for the spring collection in 2021. American designers are definitely the First Lady’s most picked. She wore this dress when she returned to her classroom to make a speech to the Democratic Convention. This dress is not only very fashionable because of the beautiful deep color and the silhouette, but also makes a subtle statement. Dr Jill Biden is very aware with the problems of our planet, and she wants us to know that she cares deeply for its future. For these holidays in 2022, forest green will be one of the top colors for outfits. It goes really well with golden accessories.

The leather dress

jill biden outfits leather dress late night show chic fashion inspiration for women over 60

This stylish leather dress was worn by Dr Jill Biden on the Late Night with Seth Meters show. As I already mention, she does not deny the modern and does not dress always in a conservative way. This dress is above the knee, which makes it very youthful, but at the same time elegant and sophisticated because of the silhouette. Leather is one of the trendiest materials at the moment, since we are loving everything natural. The blue heels compliment the outfit and gives it that pop of color that it needs.

Purple on purple: How to be trendy for the holidays?

Jill Biden first lady outfits purple coat leather gloves trends in fashion inspiration for women over 60

This purple situation is one of my absolute favorite looks of Dr Jill Biden. It is a very bold move to do purple on purple, however the shades that she choose compliment themselves perfectly. The leather gloves are in the category of the trendiest accessories for 2023. If you are planning to celebrate outside, you can wear a pop of color like this one. I would not recommend you to go for a new stiletto heel, because of the cold weather. You can wear leather boots to match your leather gloves. If you want to wear another bright color for the holidays, you can also try the color of the year 2023 Viva Magenta.

Velvet: The royal fabric

Jill Biden outfits velvet coat trends 2022 fashion inspiration women over 60 holiday clothes

Velvet textures are super trendy this winter season. We see the First Lady of America wearing a velvet coat with big golden buttons and a pop of green. I think she really enjoys to incorporate colors in every outfit and just wear something fun and chic at the same time. For Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you can try wearing a velvet blazer, dress or an entire velvet suit. If you are going to a party and want to be sophisticated, I suggest you try with a suit. It will give you this royal feeling, since the fabric is very luxurious.

Blue satin dress

jill biden satin dress outfit inspiration for holidays 2022 blue color women over 60 clothing

A long, blue, figure-skimming dress that’s made from the finest satin might be the thing to wear to the holidays this year. If the venue you’re attending mandates a more strictly elegant dress code, this Jill Biden dress will inspire you to try wearing satin. It will perfectly highlight your hair color, if you are blonde and make your skin look glowy.

Other Jill Biden outfits to steal for the holidays in 2022

jill biden white outfit costume trendy elegant style for women over 60

Dr Jill Biden’s emerald dress 

jill biden emerald green dress outfits inspo for women over 60 how to dress for the holidays 2022

Elegant lavender dress 

joe biden and jill biden outfits lavender dress women over 60 inspiration for fashion

Bold, elegant, red suit 

Jill Biden red suit outfit inspiration fashion trends for the holidays in 2022

How to look elegant and chic? Try wearing a satin coat and long boots!

jill biden outfits satin gray coat and long boots fashion trends first lady of america how to dress for the holidays in 2022 for women over 60

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