What’s the Easiest Hair Color to Apply at Home? – A Guide for a Zero Bleach Hairstyle Makeover!

by Stephanie Yankova

You’ve got the sudden urge to change your hair color, and you’re determined to do it alone! However, failure is not an option because the world doesn’t stop and start at our convenience and people will see you as you step out of the house! So what’s the safe bet here? You probably won’t be able to go from jet black to platinum blond overnight, but there are plenty of other more realistic color shifts you can do! What’s the easiest hair color to apply at home? Let’s find out! 

How to Get the Best At-Home Hair Color Results?

woman dyeing own hair at home easiest colors to apply at home

Many people prefer to dye their hair at home. It’s a lot more affordable, and you have all the freedom to do anything and everything you want with your hair! However, if you’re not doing it for the fun of it, and you’re seeking salon-like results, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • Have a realistic goal – Getting a new hairdo is always exciting and if you’ve been building up the courage to go for a more drastic change the sky is the limit! However, when you’re not a professional, and you’re working on your own hair at home you need to set realistic expectations to avoid disappointment and frustration.
  • Give yourself some leeway – When you’re dyeing your hair alone, especially for the first time, a lot of things may happen differently from what you expected. This is why it’s good to allow yourself at least 2–3 hours, so you can carefully go through each section of your hair without any rush.
  • Do NOT choose your hair color based on the box dye model – Hate to break it to you, but the images shown at the front of hair dye boxes are oftentimes heavily photoshopped. It’s really difficult to get a realistic idea of what the color would look like in real life from a picture. The best thing you can do is take a look at the hair color swatches at the shop.
  • Color never lifts color – Let’s say you have a naturally light hair color, and you’ve dyed it in a dark brown shade. One day you decide that you don’t like that dark color anymore, and you want to go back to your naturally lighter tone. You buy a hair dye that’s a few shades lighter and apply it in hopes that you’ll become a light brunette again. It doesn’t work. Why? Because the molecules of the permanent hair dye get locked into your hair shaft. There is no room for more pigment to fit in there as it doesn’t lift out the color molecules that are already in it.

What’s The Easiest Hair Color to Apply at Home?

woman choosing easiest hair color to apply at home blond brunette


Your current hair color is the main factor that plays into the way the newly chosen shade of hair dye will look. If you have virgin hair (it hasn’t been dyed before), it’s easy to lift off the pigment because there are no artificial color molecules in the hair shaft. Typically, it is much easier to go from a lighter to a darker color, however, there are methods and products that can aid the hair-dyeing process. Here are some of the easiest hair colors to apply at home!

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The Easiest At-Home Hair Colors for Blond Hair

Going from blonde to brunette seems like the easiest and most straightforward hair color change to make. However, you may be surprised to find out that this process is a lot more difficult than you think. In order to go from platinum blond or ash blond to medium to dark brown, you will first need to do a color fill. This is a process during which you add the missing pigment back into your hair. Because blond hair has very little to no pigment, in order to achieve a darker shade you will need to add that pigment back in. Depending on how dark you want to go, you will have to create a filler with yellow, orange, and red demi permanent hair dye. The darker the shade you want to achieve is, the more orange and red you’ll have to add.

This is a long and rather difficult process, which while being completely obtainable at home, is definitely not one to commit to for overnight results. Instead, you can opt for these much easier-to-achieve at-home hair colors without any unwanted hassle:

  • pastel pink
  • pastel purple
  • silver
  • red
  • copper/orange

If you use semi-permanent hair dye, these colors will fade back into blond over time without leaving an unsightly tint to your hair. AVOID blue and green colors, as they will give your hair a washed-out minty tint.

The Easiest At-Home Hair Colors for Brown and Black Hair

When you have dark hair, and you want to change its color, your immediate thought is probably that you need to bleach it. That might be the case if you’re trying to apply a lighter color on top of already-dyed hair. However, if you’re dealing with virgin hair it’s a completely different and much simpler scenario. If you want to just lighten your hair with 2–3 shades, you can easily achieve that with dark or medium brown box hair dye. If you go for a chestnut brown, keep in mind that it has more red pigment, so it will make your hair appear a lot more vibrant. Some other fun colors you can try are:

  • warm purple
  • burgundy
  • auburn

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