First Christmas with baby – make your own sweet decorations and gifts

by Kremy

first with baby gift ideas decoration ideas

The first Christmas with baby is such an excitement! Make the holiday celebration memorable by creating beautiful decorations and personalized gifts. Make a valuable reminder for parents, siblings, grandparents, and finally for the child itself. The first holiday with the child also gives a perfect opportunity to start a new tradition in the family.

first christmas with decoration ideas gifts


Craft you own personalized ornaments for the first Christmas with baby. Keep the tradition by adding a new ornament with your own child every year. The hand and footprints are an especially delightful idea that would take to the future the sweet sentimental memories. You can use play dough, modelling clay or plaster. Alternatively, you can reprint the little kids hand with paint on the holiday tree balls and write the date on each of the tree ornaments.

first christmas cute outfit

The first Christmas of your baby – the whole family should dress in a festive way. Buy the child a sweet holiday outfit. Many boutiques and most department stores offer a variety of baby clothes for New years eve. The clothing ranges from a simple red Santa Claus costume to charming, elegant tuxedos. Hold on to the beautiful moments with a funny child photo shoot. Then glue the photos in an album. You may use kids socks as cutlery bags, shoes and gloves as tree garlands or give mini format wooden charms to all guests. Do not forget to prepare a Christmas stocking and the perfect gift for the baby.

original leggings first with ideas

my first stocking first with gift ideas

first with cute clothes decorative embroidery

first with footprint paper racing animal

first christmas with christmas clothing outfit

first with baby christmas ornament first gloves

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 with snow ball jam jars photo

first decorations with personalized ornaments

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make salt dough handprint

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