Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women Over 50: Make Them Feel Special!

by Gabby

Every trendy outfit needs some va va voom that will complete it. Every woman loves to spice things up with jewelry. Some like more minimalistic earrings or necklaces, while others prefer something that will make them stand out. We all love shiny things, we have to admit it and we love getting them as gifts. That is why our Deavita team has gathered some of the best jewelry gift ideas for women over 50 that you can give for birthdays or any special occasion!

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women Over 50: Make Them Feel Special!

jewelry gift ideas for women over 50 birthday

What to gift women over 50 for her birthday? The answer is pretty clear! Everyone loves jewelry. Of course, you have to know their taste first. A lot of mature women love to highlight their looks with minimalistic hoop earrings or a ring that has a tiny diamond. Most of the women I know even wear rings from their grandmas that has been passed for generations. Now, if you want to make them enjoy the gift, you have to know the trends as well. This where we come in! Let’s check them out together!

Pinky Rings for Women

pinky rings for women over 50 jewelry trends 2023


Pinky rings are associated with the past, when men wore them in Europe to show that they are married or that they don’t want a bride. Even Queen Victoria had one, which set a trend for her sons later on. But I have some news for you! They are back! Megan Markle is wearing them a lot lately and we can see the pinky rings even on TV shows like Emily in Paris. For women over 50, our advice is to aim for something with a big stone that will be a statement.

Jewelry Gift for a 50 Year Old Woman

jewelry gift for a 50 year old woman ideas

This is not a good gift idea if you are on a budget! But if you decided to splurge, then consider buying a jewelry set that will compliment any outfit. When buying a set as shown on the photo, I would recommend going for something subtle and elegant, but often it can look over the top. To avoid this, consult with the jeweler and ask for advice. You can even show pictures of the person who will receive the gift.

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Long Statement Necklaces for Women Over 50

long statement necklaces for women over 50

Are statement necklaces still in fashion? According to fashion designers and stylist they are back on the fashion horizon and they encourage you to incorporate them into your Spring/Summer looks. Now if you want to give them out as a gift, opt for something sophisticated, yet trendy and fashionable. Different colors can do the perfect job to lift up the mood of the gift receiver. They can wear it with white shirts, blouses or dresses.

Statement Bracelet Silver

womens statement bracelet silver gift ideas for a birthday

Accessories can really tie your look together. Is it important to follow trends? No! But they can inspire you with new things, or in that case old ones that are coming back! Speaking of statement necklaces, we cannot skip to mentioning statement bracelets as well. They were long forgotten but there you go! You can see them a lot on the fashion runways and according to many they are the ideal gift for a woman over 50!

Pearl Necklace Women: Jewelry for 50th Birthday

pearl necklaces for women over 50 birthday gift ideas 2023

Pearls are a classic and they are among the jewelry top trends in 2023. The good thing is that they can be either budget friendly, depending on the type, or super expensive. If you are going to give them to someone who is a collector, they will really appreciate the gift. You can opt for a long necklace, or something with smaller pearls that is goes around the neck.

pearl necklaces for women 2023 jewelry for 50th bithday ideas

Pearls come in different colors, sizes and shapes. They don’t have to be the classic white that we are all familiar with. For 2023, choose something that is a bit bolder.

Rose Gold Watch With a Matching Bracelet

rose gold watch with a matching bracelet for women over 50 birthday gift

They say that giving a watch to someone as a gift means that you are saying “goodbye”. But we are NOT superstitious, are we? If you are planning to make someone happy, try this idea – a watch with a matching bracelet with a charm.

Women’s Boho Necklaces

women's boho necklaces jewelry gift ideas over 50

Some women over 50 simply don’t wear shiny jewelry. They prefer something earthy, because of their style. Boho necklaces can be the ideal gift for a lady like that. They are playful and very stylish. You can wear them on daily basis, depending on your outfits.

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