Recycled materials used in modern house architecture – Hollway House

by Kremy


eco friendly-modern-house-architecture--Hollway-House-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects

An example for environmentally friendly modern house architecture, Hollway House is located in Auckland, New Zealand. The project is realized by Daniel Marshall Architects and was completed in 2014. The construction site is a long and narrow stretch in a suburban area with a natural spring along the major part of the site and an existing building dating from the 1960 had to be demolished as it was in a poor condition due to the watercourse beneath it.


Environmentally friendly modern house architecture




Using recycled materials from the old structure which was on site is a brilliant decision with care for the environment and shows how modern house architecture can be eco-friendly. Wood material like floor boards and weather boards were used in the process of construction and the stone and steel from the basement of the old house found a good use in the landscape design. The kitchen cabinets are crafted from the wood of an oak tree which was on site and had to be chopped. Solar panels are installed to supply the hot water in the house and rainwater is harvested in a tank of 3500 litre located beneath the new construction and the tank utilizes the basement area of the old house. Non-chemical treated Acoya timber is used for the insulation of the house.


Hollway House – modern house architecture for a comfortable living



Hollway House represents the best in modern house architecture as it combines the care for natural environment and modern lifestyle. It provides lounge area, workshop, a lovely courtyard and living areas. The interiors feature natural materials and minimalist design. Large windows allow a lot of natural light and a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor space, as well as a beautiful view.

modern-house-architecture-Hollway House landscaping design recycled materials

modern-house-architecture-Hollway House by Daniel Marshall Architects New Zeland

modern living room design large windows contemporary furniture

modern-house-architecture-Hollway House balcony wood flooring

minimalist kitchen design recycled wood cabinets Hollway House

minimalist kitchen design recycled materials Hollway House

contemporary bathroom design natural wood flooring walk in shower

Hollway-House-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-site diagram



Hollway-House-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-ground floor plan text

Hollway-House-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-ground floor plan




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