Fabulous modern lighting fixtures – Simon Says by Aqua Creations

by Kremy


modern lighting fixtures design Simon Says Aqua creations

In the world of modern lighting fixtures Aqua Creations, a studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel, presents a stunning combination of quality, aesthetic and wall art. Simon Says is the newest addition to the Mino Collection and shows a new perspective and attitude to interior lighting.

Modern lighting fixtures combine technology and artistic value

 modern lighting fixtures design natural silk oak mahogany


Aqua Creations started the design atelier back in 1994 and in the beginning it was a “working from home” activity. Today they have developed and grown so much that an area of 5000 m2 accommodates the design, development and production. The modern lighting fixtures of Aqua Creations are handmade and each and every one of them is individually crafted using the latest light technology. Simon says lamps collection have nothing usual or ordinary in the design. From the first look you can say that this is something different. A truly artistic light installation which offers strong or soft color shades and leaves enough to the individual imagination and inspiration to create original designs.

 Natural look of the impressive modern lighting fixtures collection

modern lighting fixtures design variety of colors Aqua creations

The collection of modern lighting fixtures has been designed by Aqua Creations and all lamps are made of high quality natural silk with mahogany wood and oak detail, or oak wood with mahogany detail. The design allows any lamp of the collection to fit in the interior of any modern home. And not only – the lamps will be a perfect addition to offices, corridors, public areas as hotels, bars or cafes. The variety of colors and sizes allow various combinations and compositions. As the design is based on the yacht equipment principles for space saving, each piece is carefully planned to give the same amount of light despite of its size. Whether using them as single elements or in a composition, one thing is for sure – you will have a unique wall art accent in your interior design.

modern lighting fixtures design artistic vision

The lamps can be used individually or in groups

modern-lighting-fixtures-design-group composition various colors


Impressive wall art

modern-lighting-fixtures-design-space saving ideas

Handmade lamps from natural silk


Square shape with mahogany and oak finish

original-lamp-design-silk-wood-Simon-says Aqua creations

 Straight lines and contemporary design

modern-lighting-design-ideas Aqua creations Simon Says

 Perfect for modern home interiors

modern-lighting-fixtures-design-natural silk elegant wooden finish

The space saving design is suitable for small rooms or corridors

Aqua creations collection-modern-lighting-fixtures-design

High quality natural silk

hand made-lighting-fixtures-modern-design

 Wooden finish

elegant wooden finish-modern-wall-lamps-silk-wood

 Attention to the detail

lighting design natural silk oak mahogany wood



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