Nautical decor in kids bedrooms – colors, furniture and accessories ideas

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creatve kids bedroom design ideas nautical theme decoration

We have selected some of the best ideas for nautical decor in kids bedrooms. The bedroom of the child is a special room and this is the place where the design may be completely different from the overall concept for the house or apartment. Marine themed interior designs allow you to create a cozy atmosphere in the room and, at the same time, stimulate the development of the child’s creative potential.

Many people think that a marine themed design will require a professional designer but you can create a nautical decor in your child’s bedroom on your own. Of course, you should not forget that the bedroom is a place where the child will not only play, but sleep, study, etc., and before all, the environment must be safe. We shall give you some practical tips for the color palette, the furniture and accessories which will help you transform a kid’s bedroom into a beautiful, functional and aesthetically pleasing place.


Nautical decor in kids bedrooms – choose the theme of the decoration


nautical style decor in kids bedrooms furniture ideas color combinations


Nautical decor in kids bedrooms can be arranged in many ways. There are different themes to choose from and here is a short list of just a few:

  • Pirate’s decor
  • Depth of the ocean
  • Sea world
  • Beach and vacation
  • Mermaids
  • Exotic island
  • Sailing adventures
  • Ships and boats
  • Treasure hunt
  • Ocean’s blue

You need to discuss with your child what his preferred theme is – it could be pirates or treasure hunt – and this is your starting point. Each of the nautical themes can be arranged as a DIY project. You can make some simple cosmetic repairs, re-paint the walls, and if you do not wish to change furniture, with a few well-chosen accessories and bedding sets you will give a special character to the bedroom. Those who prefer a complete kids’ bedroom transformation, have to carefully plan a remodeling and think of wall finish, flooring, color palette, furniture, textiles, lighting, etc.

Maritime or ship theme is the best choice for boys. You can use traditional blue-white or red-white color scheme, polished dark wood furniture, accessories like sea flags, anchor, steering wheel, etc. You could decorate the interior in a narrower theme – yacht cabin, ship deck, sailboat, coast guard, etc.

marine theme decoration in girls bedroom white furniture pink accent color

Beach house or coastal cottage is a universal theme which is suitable for both boys and girls of any age. This theme features light neutral color scheme with blue accents, simple furniture, cotton textiles and marine ornaments like corals, sea stars, shells, driftwood, baskets, etc.

The beach theme is the favorite one of all children, boys and girls. Use beige-blue tones to create a beach atmosphere, whitewashed wood, natural materials, rattan furniture or sisal carpet, as well as beach decorations like palm trees, hammocks, surfboards, etc.

Cartoon themed bedroom interiors – Little Mermaid, Sponge Bob, Nemo – are usually designed for small children. You can use photo wallpapers or decorate the interior with several recognizable details.

Hopefully, the photos in the gallery will give you some ideas and you will be able to implement them in your child’s room.


Nautical decor in kids bedrooms – key elements, colors, furniture and accessories tips


kids bedroom furniture ideas marine theme decoration

When we talk about nautical decor in kids bedrooms, the main goal is to create a design concept which be both dynamic and practical. Mixing elements from different marine themes is not a good idea and you should not overload the room with coastal items as you risk to clutter the space and make it look like a shop for souvenirs. As we mentioned, a good starting point is to decide what elements you want to see in the room. Talk to your child, choose a theme, make a list of the key elements, discuss the colors and the furniture pieces, etc.

Some of the key elements in nautical themed kids bedrooms include:

  • Water;
  • Marine items that can be made by hand, or purchased in a souvenir shop;
  • Sea and ocean inhabitants;
  • Anchors;
  • Ropes and steering wheels;
  • Charts of sea knots;
  • Lifebuoy,
  • Maps;
  • Models of ships and sailboats;
  • Signal flags;
  • Lighthouse;
  • Seashells and corals, etc.

kids bedroom desings natical theme decor ideas

Once you have chosen the theme for the design of the child’s bedroom you need to think about colors. Blue color, according to children’s psychologists, is peaceful. Usually, the choice of shades and hues is based on the traditional shades for this style of decor – blue and turquoise hues are blended with shades from the warm palette – orange, pink, red, brown, yellow, beige, sandy, etc. Blue pastel shade will bring coolness to the interior and turquoise can remove irritation, fatigue and stress and in addition, this color has the ability to vary depending on the light, the room will look different in the morning and in the evening which will be interesting for the child.

Another option is to use light colors for the decoration of walls, floor, ceiling and large furniture. White and beige are the ideal colors for a child’s bedroom design, as white increases the space visually and makes it lighter while beige neutralizes the coldness of blue. Neutral color palette will allow you to decorate the interior in a creative way which will give an opportunity to modify the interior of the nursery when the child grows up easily and without additional costs.

Walls can be decorated with wallpaper as this is the easiest way to create a proper atmosphere in the room. Modern photo wallpapers are very realistic and thanks to the development in printing technology, photo wallpapers are very resistant and completely safe. The choice is quite big – from geographic maps and cartoons to ocean reef and sailing boats.

Flooring – this is an important element of the interior since children spend a lot of time playing on the floor. The floor should be durable, but also safe and comfortable. Suitable flooring options are:

  • Parquet
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Laminate
  • Carpet or area rugs

Avoid natural stone flooring as it is colder than hardwood options as well as artificial flooring or materials containing toxic ingredients.


awesome kids bedroom design ideas beach theme decoration

Furniture and accessories – having in mind that we are talking about kids’ bedrooms, high quality natural materials are your obvious choice. Wood is the best furniture material due to the fact that it is warm, strong, durable, resistant to mechanical impact, hypoallergenic and aesthetically pleasing.

The bed is the largest object in any bedroom and most often the emphasis is on the bed, which can be made in the form of boat or ship. Even a standard bed can be easily transformed into a pirate’s ship with the right bedding set. Add some decorative pillows, of course, the theme should be the same, and you have a boat (or pirate’s ship) in a matter of minutes. Add chests, bookcases, shelves, desk and other small pieces of furniture that look like part of a ship’s deck and you will create the authentic atmosphere of a real ship.

When decorating kids’ bedrooms parents are often carried away and litter the room with unnecessary elements or too many colors. Remember that you need to create a balanced and harmonious environment for your children. You need to think about functionality as well and select pieces of furniture that are not only originally shaped, but provide storage as well. The gallery below will show you fantastic examples of nautical decor in kids bedrooms, so look at the photos and find your inspiration!



original decoration in kids bedrooms marine theme accessories

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Nautical decor in kids bedrooms ideas twin beds white blue red colors

Nautical decor in kids bedrooms designs colors furniture ideas

marine themed decoration kids bedroom design ideas

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DIY kids bedroom decoration marine theme blue white colors wooden furniture

creative kids bedroom furniture ideas marine themed decoration

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